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January 21, 2006


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I knew shopping would somehow work its way into this. ;)

old horsetail snake

You people are real tigers. No job too big or too small for these handypeople.


Your kitchen looks a lot like mine at this point in time. You think we'll ever get it done?????????


getting there fast! You both are good workers, busy bees. Bet Rick will be happy when he can have a real day off to rest.

Florida Cracker

Very impressive. Be sure to give Buddy some extra reassuring hugs. He looks worried.


Ooh I have been SO wanting to start demolition in my house - I'm just scared to death to find out that the walls I want to rip out will need headers!

I can't wait to see your new kitchen - I LOVE the tile!


WOw, you guys have come such a long way's gonna look awesome :)


WOw, you guys have come such a long way's gonna look awesome :)


So much done and so fast! Good workers!
I hope appliance shopping goes well. I can't believe you might actually be looking forward to it?!!
We had to get a stove just before Christmas. They all look the same to me. The one we got delivered has 4 burners, an oven that works, a storage drawer on the bottom, and is the color white (DoF's preference).


Buddy looks a lot like my dog, Belle!

I need to strip wallpaper...was thinking of doing that this summer in the living room. I'm hoping it will come off without much trouble but I remember how hard the den was. Yikes.

I don't envy all the hard work you're doing, but I know I'm going to envy that new kitchen!


Laura- Isn't your favorite part not having to cook while all of this is taking place?Better keep that pantry stocked with plenty of cereal. Well I am very excited for you!!


Thank's everyone. You all are welcome to bring hot meals over while all this work is going on. or a hammer. Or a butler, with a hot cup of tea. I was about to make tea last night when I realized we didnt have a working stove and the microwave was buried under a bunch of junk. Got to get one of those electric kettles.
and not lose it underneath all the stuff.

Mrs. DoF, bet you got that stove just in time! One of the reasons we had thanksgiving and christmas at my mom and my inlaws house is because my stove isn't working very well either. I'm so creative that way,huh.

Laurie, come visit. we'll have plenty of cereal on hand too.


Whew! I'm going to be doing my kitchen soon. Before and after shots will be provided. I'm not doing tile on the floor though. Just new vinyl. I don't plan on staying there forever, I just need an update! Everything in your kitchen looks great! Very nice wall!

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