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September 22, 2007



Wow! I love the neon with the glow!

I wish I could take photographs like you do, because Florida is just brimming with subject matter... Tonight I when I took the dogs out the sky took my breath away... even though it was dark, the many heavy clouds looked lit from below and glowed white...

Again, right here, the sky takes my breath away...


I just love the glow of the late summer setting sun - excellent with the neon lights!


Seamus, looks like the comment section froze up, i'll fix it. Thank you though! I was trying to get more neon to show up, but that didn't work out well.

Pam, the sunset on the night you posted this comment was gorgeous! We'd had a series of thunderstorms and the black clouds seemed to overtake the sky. However, as the sun went down, a series of bright orange rays began streaming through the clouds, and it was stunning. I wish I'd had my camera then!
And, Thank You for the compliment!! I get lucky a lot of the time, LOL.

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