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May 25, 2004


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Nils Ling

OK ... It's not "Round Three", it's "the third period" ... geez, girl, get the glossary.

And yeah .. tough night tonight ... but that's the playoffs. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. The Bolts have a good enough road record to bounce back from this. And my guess is it will make Thursday's game all the better, lucky you.


blast it! what a game. If it wasn't for our goalie, the score woulda been , what.. 16-1? lol


I Love this game!!! whooooooooooo!! had an absolute blast tonight! Bolts were on fire.. so were the fans!! there's no place else like Tampa Bay. more soon,
i'm going to bed..


And scoring the winning goal ... Brad Richards from PEI ...!

You're welcome.


Did I tell you I hate this game?


and Brad Richards does it again!!
what a game. Tampa needs to make more attempts at the net. I couldnt coach cause I had laryngitis again. We were on the edges of our seats the last 3 min especially. and that freako Niemenen should be disqualified from the league for good.


Heeheehee ... at one point I thought "if every player on their team was playing as hard as Neimenen, the Flames might do better tonight".

You should hear the moans and groans and hollering coming from Calgary fans over the double penalty call that led to Richard's (record-breaking) goal. Even on the newscast here this morning, it was pointed out that Kerry Fraser - the ref - just watched as the Tampa player retaliated with a cross-check. "We wuz robbed!!!" scream the Calgary fans.

... and THAT'S playoff hockey!




Ehh ... full value to Calgary, they won the game, rather than the Bolts having lost it. I thought Calgary was pretty dominant.

Goes without sayng the Bolts have to win on Saturday, which they can absolutely do. Then it's down to one game, at home, for all the marbles.

History is against them - but hey ... what is life without a challenge, wha'?

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