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May 25, 2004


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I wonder about the after effects of those games too.. and of the videos..and the influence the games have on the young folk. . that happened to me when I played spider solitaire too much. I quit playing it. Even dreamed of the game...
wonder if that reaction is why kids are too tired to go to school some mornings?


well well well,YOU SHOULDN'T get me started on those dern video games. Kevin just came home on the last day of school with a new GAMECUBE for the boys-wanted them to have it for doing so well in school. What ever happened to a good old pat on the back? Anyway he didn't even consult me before he went and did this, knowing full well I would not be in favor. I am not crazy about these games, because I feel like I am the one regulating the playing time seeing that I am home more with them than KEvin is. And SEan gets so wound up and screaming choice words at the T.V. screen every time MArio makes the wrong move or whatever.arrrgh. I had to laugh watching Kevin and Daniel play a racing game the other day. Daniel was whooping Kevin's butt in this race. He stopped his character in the dune buggy/car thing right before the finish line and just sat there waiting for at least 30 seconds until Kevin caught up,and then Daniel just zipped his guy across the finish line. ANd then he just keeps challenging his "Old MAn" to another race.


LOL, it took Kevin THIRTY seconds to catch up to Daniel? what was he driving in the race, a mini-van?
(just kiddig.. sorry Kev) (snicker)
We have TopGun, where you race PLANES!that one was frusturating for me. I never get a chance to Buzz the tower because I tend to crash right after takeoff. Sam likes either "Need for Speed" or V-Rally3 car racing. One of them was too lame, she says. but I can't remember which one it is. Maybe it's the one I excell at.
I haven't heard of Gamecube yet. have to ask the kids about it. Some days, it's just hard to keep up with the new stuff.
btw, have you seen the SIMS? lordy, lordy. if you think the kids are just play acting on there.. you've got another think coming.

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