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May 22, 2004


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Nils Ling

Ahh, there's nothng like a brand-spankin' new hockey fan.

The temptation is to offer a bet - you know, Canada (in the form of Calgary) vs. the U.S. (in the form of Tampa). Sadly, though, I can't win - the Bolts are also indelibly Canadian. Witness their best player through the playoffs - one Brad Richards, from Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island (!), just 40 miles down the road.

So I have to cheer for Tampa, too. But it's OK. Our Canadians and Russians will beat their Canadians and Russians any day of the week.

Go, Bolts! Bring the cup back to PEI, where it belongs! Oh, and let the folks in Tampa have a sip or two from it ...


I had no idea Brad Richards was from PEI! More reason to root for Tampa!
I heard this recently: (correct me if i'm wrong!)
Tampa has the lowest paid hockey players in the NHL. The Flyers have the highest. The Marlins (talkin baseball now) had the lowest paid players in baseball and still won the World Series. A few years later, after getting rid of their higher paying marquee players, they did it again.
The NFL should do the same thing. Remember the "new" overpriced Washington Redskins? they paid the best that money could buy. Just how many superbowls did they win with that team? or with that coach? (yes I meant Spurrier. and yes I still like the Gators) ;p~
With the exception of Mike Alstott and John Lynch, (hhahaha) I think all of the NFL should follow the Marlins and Bolts player cap. of course, after this series, im sure the Bolts players will be demanding more $$$. ahh well. just my 6 cents.

Nils Ling

And where better to put in your six cents (sixth sense?) (sick senses?) than on your own blog?

Tampa has *one* of the lowest payrolls in the NHL (depending on how you compute) and while I know Philly is up there, I think the Rangers still rule the dollar roost. And, of course, they didn't even make the playoffs.

Spending more for your team has never been a guarantee of a championship - which makes me look twice at owners who blame players for the high salaries in sport. My response? "So don't pay."

"Well, if we don't pay, we won't win."

"Tell that to the Tampa Bay Lightning."

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