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May 12, 2004


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Hmm, *very* interesting that all your examples of "stuff you don't get" were committed by females ... hmmm??? Perhaps this lends credibility to those that skoff at the term "female logic" - But - while you mention it, and I just got back from another round of flying .. Why do people gather around the gate at the airport, all standing ready to pounce the moment the airline says it's ok for them to board now (blocking the way of those who's row HAS been called)?? Do they think they will get where they are going a moment faster? Are they so anxious to go sit in those roomy and comfortable seats? Do they get a kick out of racing to their aisle seat just to get back up again when the person with the window seat shows up? And while were on airlines - why isn't there a "no screaming child" section, I enjoy kids - but I'd pay extra to not have to listen to one scream and be beligerant to their mom for insisting that yes, they really DO have to remain seated - and one last thing - can we teach simple physics to whoever at the airlines, in charge of seating - that when you have a 300+ lb person - do NOT assign them the middle seat when the window & aisle seats are taken. A 350lb guy draped over me, snoring & slobbering, pushing me out into the aisle to get smacked by the refreshment cart = NOT my idea of a "pleasant flight" the airline insists that they hoped I had once we get where were going.

Ok Laura - so I posted, Hi to all around there, congrats to Sam & Britt for evidentally a FINE school year, and give my homeboy Buddy a pet for me - I'll pet his twin brother for you

Nils Ling

... and let's not forget the dopes who decide that a big-screen TV counts as "carry-on" baggage, and subject us all to the airline equivalent of Tetris while they try to fit it into the overhead bins ...


Or the woman I sat next to on the plane ride to Vegas who hadn't bathed in awhile. I ended up crossing my legs and turning into the aisle so I could breathe without wincing!

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