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May 15, 2004


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Nils Ling

SECOND in the hula hoop? I would have thought you'd do better, given that it was such a popular toy way back when you were a kid ... maybe you were thrown because they wouldn't let you wear your saddle shoes, bobby sox, and poodle skirt?


I was born in the 60's, not the FIFTIES..
We were the earth children, our generation. tie dyes shirts and bellbottoms. I was the founding President of the Ecology Club, you know. My brother, IF he ever reads this, will remember that excellent club. 'course, I dont think he ever actually attended a meeting, but he did pass on some advice that I still remember after all these years: "apple cores are biodegradable! you can throw them on the road!"
I gave out ecology club membership cards to everyone. His best friend still had his card 10 years after it's formation. (or maybe he just never cleaned out his wallet....) ;)


HIIIII this is Brittany the one who is graduating 5th grade! :) i cant wait! im so proud of myself! lol i had a lot of fun at the celebration! my favorite part was when my mom hula hooped! i never knew she could hula hoop till then! And my second favorite part was when me andrea deidre and chelsea had a water fight! i was soaked(well a little) Bye bye!!!!!!!


I remember the hula hoops.. back breakers is what adults called them... And I remember the
Ecology club.. the meetings took place in the shed in the lot across the street.. where a lot.. and I DO mean alot of paper was used to write notices and advice on how to save the forests and earth. Ah, the innocence of youth.

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