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May 08, 2004


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Eelyn Colbert

I cannot read black print on a dark blue background. Or any dark background.
Hurray for your mother's Day opinions. It needed to be said. Don't know if this will make it through as I am not sure what I am doing


I agree! I'm goign to change that now. I can't stand the colors and templates that they offer on here. glad you liked the columns!

Nils Ling

Ditto on the dark print on dark bg. Or light print on a dark bg. Or any print on a dark bg. Have mercy on your older readers' eyes. not that I is one ... just ... thinking about the seniors here.


HOwdy Laura- I am enjoying your web site for the first time tonight.I typed a little letter a half hour ago but then I didn't post it correctly. I took a break, so now I am trying this again. This is Greek to me.What happened to basic Email?? So you have some old high school pictures do ya? I knew you would black mail me some day- ha!Well I am going to post this gibberish just to see if I did it right. Be back later. LAUrie


(Now that I've stopped laughing... )

ok.' Now, dont worry Laurie, I'll send you an email on how to post and comment correctly. lol. actually had a good laugh over your six posts! I took the pictures down briefly while I tweak the website. The website is for family and friends so you're welcome to come in anytime. Let me go and do some editing here and i'll respond in a few minutes :)

Sebrina Shearing

WOW! Way to go Kimmy!

Now your life is on the way. Do everything you want and never settle! Work hard, play hard, and most importantly PARTY HARDER. These are the best days of your life. Enjoy them with friends and family you love. Good Luck, Sebrina

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