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May 19, 2004


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This is not a comment on anything. I just want you to know that I am suing your mother as I am sure she gave me a tooth infection through her e-mail.
We had fun in Paducah yesterday. We tried a Florida election. They left the mayor and city commissioners race off 22 precincts. So they had to print paper ballots and go buy fishing tackle boxes to put the ballots in. What a hoopla.
Your kids will be out of school about the same time as Kevin. The Cincinnati crew will be out the first week of June and the California crew about the middle of June.
Take care of yourselves, Love, Aunt Evelyn
P.S. I am just writing this so you won't talk about me. Actually, I am really too old to care.

sister/mom/grandma Milly

It is not possible to give toothaches by email even if it is possible to send a worm by email. so my big sister will lose the lawsuit.


hmm, what's wrong with fishing tackle boxes? bet all the commissioners took them back home and put their gear in 'em. that explains why they were all headed out of town with bass boats after the election.
Down in Miami they use cuban cigar boxes.. just thought you'd like to know...

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