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November 30, 2004


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I heart the Dollar Store, in all its various forms. I always find treasures there - I'm the last of the big-time bargain hunters. And so much of what we use doesn't depend on brand names anyway - I mean, sure "RubberMaid" is lovely - but ice cube trays don't seem to know the difference between the buck-for-three at the Dollar Store or the $2.79 Rubbermaid trays.

And you go on ahead and buy my gift at the Dollar Store - it forces you to be creative and fun and funny and thoughtful - and since none of us needs more crap to dust at Christmas, how much better can gift-giving get?


I shop the dollar stores. there is one near my house where dollar sometimes goes to 5 or more dollars. I asked why they call it the dollar store when I pay five for the roll of t paper. The cashier just shrugged and smiled. I now go to one that opened a couple of miles away and pay the whole dollar for anything.
It has often seemed to me that we overspend for Christmas. Maybe those tea cups are a good idea. only I don't need any. seems like a smart place to buy gifts for kids since they lose interest in and discard presents very soon


I haven't visited the dollar stores for a while, your posts make me want to go buy some teacups! I did go to factory to U a couple months ago, and got some good deals because they claimed to be closing. Only to find they were still there a few weeks later with even cheaper prices. Think they suckered me in on that one. On ice cube trays, I forgot they existed! I don't miss them though, it's like missing perculating coffee makers. Remember those? I remember having to watch them so they didn't boil over and forgetting a few times. What a mess that was...It was 32 degrees here yesterday morning in good ol' southern cali, don't know how much more I can take of this ha ha...


32?? whoa Bev, it really DID get cold there! I can so identify, knowing what a cold blast out of the blue feels like. I mean, it's so annoying when you cant wear your shorts in early December! sheeISH! hahaha.
and I remember those percolators. My parents had a white one, I remeber all the coffee grounds bubbling over. i cant wait to get a new fridge, our ice maker is shot for good and we've been using homeade ice cubes for too long.


Heeheehee "homemade ice cubes" ...

And to both of you and your whinging about 32 degrees and "poor me, can't wear my shorts in December" ... shhhaaaaddddddduuuuppppp!!!!!!! (smirk)


My mother-in-law made coffee in a non electric coffee pot on the stove. She poured the grounds in the pot,added water and an egg. Boiled ten minutes or so. She drank from that pot all day long. no sugar, no cream. That was the Norweign way to make and drink coffee.
It was 59 here this morning. new cold wave coming in. will go to 50 tonight. I need to get the other blankets out. Wore shorts and sleeveless top yesterday. Today jeans and long sleeved shirt. Such is life in So. Florida. Our Sears refrigerator is two years old and the ice maker conked out again. Second time. Using ice trays till the &*(%$#$$$$$$ thing is fixed. We have more problems with Sears applicances.


well we are used to wearing shorts in December and not having to scrape ice off our cars. What's an ice scraper look like anyway? I think we have one somewhere but not sure...


Bev, I think it looks like an ice pick, i'm not sure either. LOL
btw, I havent seen smallville, but i've heard of it. maybe when they start showing the repeats for Lost, I'll look for Smallville. Sam and I watch the "OC" on thursdays, even though i think it's a crappy soap opera. we're still hooked on it for some reason. lol


I have watched the "OC" too, heck I live it ha ha...I live in orange county where they make that lousy soap opera. Although I think I'm on the wrong side of the "OC" tracks. I've seen worse shows I guess lol....

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