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November 09, 2004


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Mmmmm ... Coke ...

So, if I read your synopsis of the story right, the study was about peoples' reactions to what they thought they were drinking, as opposed to their reactions to the substance itself. In other words, if they associate "Coke" with "good" and "Pepsi" with "inferior" - and are told they're drinking something "good" (Coke) - then they react positively.
OK. Makes sense.

I gave up breast milk for Coke and drank it exclusively and in breathtaking quantities for almost fifty years. In the past few months, on the advice of some crank friend in Florida, I went on the South Beach Diet and gave up Coke for Diet Pepsi. (My totally unscientific observation, by the way, is that Coke drinkers, faced with a choice of diet colas, prefer Diet Pepsi, while Pepsi drinkers will shift to Diet Coke. I'm not sure why this is, but I've seen it a lot.)

I haven't tasted Coke since I left it behind, but I assume I would still love it and that I could rekindle my addiction instantly. I still order "rye and Coke", then have to correct myself. It's still the real thing to me. I just can't have the real thing anymore.

But I have learned that when the real thing isn't available to you, sometimes the next best thing is pretty damn good. And sometimes ... it's even better ...


Hey I would walk a mile for a Coke...or is that for a Camel? Oh well, either one will do.My family votes unanimously for coke.We just march right out of a restaurant if they only serve pepsi.There just is no substitute.OK, I sound like I am addicted to the stuff doesn't it? I think that is a great marketing tool to put solid scientific data behind it's product.And I think you have a great point there about the FCAT.That would make a great science fair project too for Sam to serve COke to all her classmates and then administer the test and see those results soar.


DIET PEPSI ???? I'm aghast. I too, gave up regular coke for: DIET COKE. that is why there is so much brain activity when I'm drinking it. I actually feel sharper, and my mind just becomes tarp as a shack.
crankfriendmyarse. lol;)


So, Ms Sharp-as-a-tack on Diet Coke ... what's your password again ...? Heeheeheehee. I guess some tacks are sharper than others ...


... and, to show how sharp MY mind is on Diet Pepsi .. I now re-read your line and realize I missed a perfectly good joke. D'OH!


It's simple: COKE ADDS LIFE, Cuz. I'm a Coke man, will be till the day I die, and they sure as hell better not plant any diet crappola or Pepsi in my coffin to take with me, because I'll haunt their arses forever and ever! Amen.


Coke is definately the only way to go, after all, it's the real thing. I too however, had to give it up . But, I rationalized it enough where I let myself have a Frozen Coke, or Slurpee once in awhile, after all, it's almost all ice, right?? Hmmmm, that could also explain those last 4 pounds that don't seem to want to go away. Ahh well, it's worth it, gotta keep those brain cells active! BTW Laura, great blog!


I always thought coke tasted much better than pepsi and was appalled when our city sold out! Pepsi machines who wants it!Pepsi paid the city of Garden Grove some large amount to endorse them.

Nice blog Laura, and who knew I'd finally get a chance to complain about this to someone...

These days I drink little or no caffeine so I'm a Squirt fan now.

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