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November 07, 2004


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Lovely pics ... almost enough to make a fella want to move to Florida ... but then, I'd miss the bone chilling cold ...

Splitting wood today in preparation for the long cold winter ahead, and watching Erin gather the last of the windfall from under the apple tree. It's cool, but bright and sunny - might kill a boogervillia, but we're a little more hardy ...


LOL Nils, hardy?? I'll admit I couldnt handle your winters, if you'll admit you couldnt handle our summers! :)
The guy from your dog park was right... they do know how to do it! (except for the butt sniffing, we humans can do without that).


Speak for yourself ...

And yeah, I couldn't handle your summers. I can barely handle ours ...


I want to see this neighborhood that looks like Gainesville and Coconut Grove-sounds like paradise to me. Where are the pics of this place-all I saw were Buddy BOy and a frog and some greasy bacon on that


DId I say frog or turtle on that last post? My mind is slipping. I saw a turtle, that's right.I had frogs on the brain because in the last week I had to capture 3 gigantic frogs/toads the size of small dogs out of my garage.They had set up camp in there and every morning I not only had to clean my kittins litter box, but would have to clean frog poop and pee off the floor of my garage.yuk. OK back to the subject...I would really like to see those photos of that paradise neighborhood you are moving to some day.


Alrighty then, I'll try to get some pictures. "try", because it's going to be difficult to capture the very "essence" of it all. :) It's not paradise, Laurie.. but it's as best as we can get in this area.
What I like about it is that it's not a suburb, and I get so sick of all these houses surrounding me right now. In that neighborhood, none of the houses are the same.. no cookie cutter development there. They were all built in different years. It's a little bit like that park across from your house, all green and growing every which away. Some of the houses are right on the bay and whether they're brand new or old homes, they still retain that old fashion florida charm. They haven't bulldozed the daylights out of the neighborhood, and it's got a lot of old, old oaks and palms still standing. which is so rare in florida lately!
Every street is different, some houses have lots have acreage with horses and some have just tiny narrow strips of land, which caused the owners to build up instead of out.
This was our first choice of neighborhoods to move to when we first moved to St Pete, but the girls were in elementary school and the neighborhood was zoned under a plan where they would attend one elementary school for 2 years, and then be bussed (1 HOUR ride) into St Petersburg for another 2 years. I wasnt real keen on that idea.
But now they're in middle and high school and I have discovered the rules have changed and they could actually stay in their zoned schools. I would have the moving sign up right now except that Rick is more of a think about it for 6 months type of person.
I just might push the issue.
The nagging issue behind all of this is it's proximity to the bay. Some of the homes are right on the water, and certain areas are low. fot to watch out for that one. So I have to find out how the insurance companies handle this neighborhood, or any house we plan to check out, etc. Also if it's in an evacuation zone and so on. i'm keeping in mind, we almost couldnt get insurance on this house when we first bought it because it was a mile inland from the Gulf. I also think we'd have to sell both houses to buy in there.. and I am very much OKAY with that. our tenants are late again for the 5th month in a row. time to SELL. lol
I'll see what I can do photo-wise. I hope I dont get arrested for taking pictures of ppls houses.
Dont touch those frogs in your garage or you'll get zits. maybe sean is feeding them coke? lol


by the way Laurie, do you wanna move here too? LOL and what's wrong with pictures of BUDDY?
i'm gonna have him pose in all upcoming pictures ....

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