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November 10, 2004


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Quick, kids, gather 'round! An old person is telling a story!

I remember MOST of those things. I remember when TV ended at midnight, so whatever you were watching on one of the three channels you got was over and turned into a test pattern at the witching hour. I also hated those metal ice cube trays, and (I'm embarrassed about this, because I'm Canadian and I DID know better) I remember slowly reaching out with my tongue and touching it to the bottom of " ... THE ITHE COOB TAY ITH THTUCK TO BY TUG! HEP! BUUUUBBBBB!"

Ahh ... those were the days ...


ahh Nils, with all due respect, the reason i've refrained from commenting is because of all the freezing snow and ice that falls from the sky up there. Even as a kid, I should think you'd know better when you came in from the cold and opened up the "icebox". :))))))))

Having said that, I did some stupid things too. We had a kids candle making kit, and my friend told me to touch it to see if it was hot yet. so um, I did.
(i'm shaking my head just typing this). We didnt sue anyone, however. It just wasn't done back then. If you did a stupid thing, you learned from it. Nowadays, we hire a lawyer to try to justify... wait a minute, this could be fodder for a whole new post! i'll stop now... stay tuned! lol

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