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February 21, 2005


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Oh! I have an even better way to forward e-mails! Try this, it's much easier!

When you have an e-mail you want to forward, just highlight the text, and press "Copy". Now, go get an aluminium baseball bat - 32 oz. is recommended, although any one will do. Take the bat and beat the hell out of your computer until it is nothing more than a collection of microscopic plastic and glass shards on your floor.



I have a really wonderfully efficent way of dealing with the multi forwards. I have this little ole button that says "delete" I push that button. presto. problem solved.
Those red X's are a conspiracy to drive every computer user nuts. and it is working.


LOL, I like the bat idea. I've been tempted to use it on a daily basis! Maybe I should have been more specific in this post, in that I meant to show how to send attachements such as video or music files, not text.
Maybe I should do a post on how to copy! lol


Or one on "Why We SHOULDN'T" ...


you know Nils, that's even BETTER!
100 reasons why we SHOULDNT copy, forward, et all.

um,how about if you write it this time. :)))

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