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March 29, 2005


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You're just not understanding the comraderie that links these birds ... they're down there for the winter, looking forward to a long fly back home, and sure, they get to talking. Harry's sitting around the shoreline and casually mentions this yard where they have goldfish THIS BIG! ... and all the other waterfowl listen and think "Yummmmm, let's go to Laura's for lunch!"

Embrace your snowbirds, my dear. It could be worse. At least they're not driving on the freeway ...


wonder why your guard dog did not chase the duck away. Actually it is kinda cute. just wants a new home with a couple of girls for company. I well remember the problems with duck poop from when we had several in So. Miami. I can't remember what happened to them. maybe they flew away. I do remember they had a nasty habit of picking at us and they have sharp feet.or was that the rabbits we also had?
The snow birds are leaving. traffic is way down. my favorite time of year...warm sun, cool nights.. less traffic, no waiting in the stores or post office. too bad, I do like our snow bird neighbors. the paper said there are 23,000 of them every year and that will increase due to the building boom. Down with building booms. I want our sleepy town back.


I'm sure the duck would have exited my yard in a hurry. What I DON'T want to imagine is the collateral damage. This was an enchanting tale.

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