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March 16, 2005


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It's an old EST exercise. Falling back isn't about the physicality of it all. It's about trusting anyone to catch us. Letting go and just allowing yourself to fall back is one of the toughest things we can do.

And usually it's not about the specific person doing the catching - as you say, you trust Rick. It's about our own personalities - how much we leave our fates in the hands of others and how much we rely on ourselves to take things into our own hands.

I'm not surprised you had trouble with this - as I would. One of my daughters is a champ at it, and one couldn't fall backwards if Jesus Christ himself were back there to catch her. Guess which one is content to let others call the shots and which one is the control freak ...?


I KNOW It's about trust. HOWEVERRRRRRRR, I really was worried about my back. Rick of all people would catch me, of this I am sure. but there's the whole unkown, the letting go.
what a weird feeling that was.
and then of course, there's my back, which I would like to be pain free for the next 40 years.......
have you tried this with your girls? just curious :)


I've tried it with the girls doing the falling back, letting go - as I said, one could, one couldn't. But up until a few months ago, I couldn't trust them to be ABLE to catch me. Now that I've lost some weight, maybe. But before? I'd have gone right back and through the floor and they'd have found me in the basement.

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