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March 17, 2005


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I can't decide whether to picture this with the theme from "Jaws" playing, as Harry (for that is what I've christemed him) stalks the obese goldfish ... or whether to picture it with some goofy tuba/trombone music as the perplexed Laura tries to thwart Harry. Either way, it's making me giggle.

As for your damn sunflower ... today, as our annual St. Patrick's Dady storm dumped yet more snow onto us, I spent an hour out snowshoeing in the woods with Roxy the dog. No heron sightings yet, and none likely for a couple of months. Evidently, they'll be a little late coming up. Something about a smorgasbord in Florida ...


" It's hard to plan strategy when your youngest daughter is pestering you for dinner and has decided to go eat a bagel."

So, what youre saying is - youre far more concerned with what some bird is eating, than your own poor / starving little daughter. shame on you.


While Brittany and you are out twirling the rifle just shoot the damn bird. That's the way we do it here in Georgia. Jeff

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