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March 14, 2005


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me me

Happy birthday, Laurie. I think you were beautiful girls. looks a bit alcoholic, but still lovely. You both have improved a lot in the advancing years. Just think.. in a decade or so you will be grandmothers.




I actually got out of trouble this way.
Mom was SO mad at me, she ran down the list trying to get my name - each time more mad & frustrated - (I was the last of 4)
(names removed to protect the "innocent"
"1st boys name!!"
"2nd boys name!!!"
"3rd boys name!!!!"
(heres the kicker)
"JOSH!!!!!!" (Josh was the DOG)
After "Josh" I started laughing - and pretending to be offended, SHE started laughing .... I escaped unscathed, and I still remind her of it when I'm in trouble.


hahahhah!!! your poor mom!
I get Buddy's name mixed up with Brittany's name ALL the time! and vice versa.


Six kids here ... my parents would go through the list, go past my name, and have to back up ...

So I don't think it's an age thing ... which, of course, won't stop me from teasing you about your age ...


Happy Birthday Laurie!

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday, and are having lots of fun!

<3 Samantha

p.s.- just one comment on the picture.. Wow. lol


Hey Laurie,
Let's see my sister is HMMMM, you were in school together - that must make you, WOW not exactly spring chickens anymore are we. Remember keep breathing! Be nice to your kids, they may be choosing the nursing home! Happy Birthday - Stay young at heart. Say hey to Kevin and the kids
Hugs, Jeff, Karen & the kids.

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