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April 28, 2005


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I recall the 'old' days when the World Wide Web (Gads, how long has it been since you heard that term?) was young, and whitehouse COM took you to a less than nice, shall we say, site.. LOL!
Laura, you've been blogrolled, BTW.. great blog, one of my daily reads. :)


Steel! man, that brings back memories! I remember when AOl charged by the hour, I think it was $4.19 an hour or something... and their browser took forever to load up. I've conveniently forgotten the Visa bill at that time. lol.
Also remember when url addresses were so long, it was impossible to type it out from memory.
I also remember floppy discs (cringe). and we didnt need virus scanners back then, we just had to worry about the ailing kid who needed a kidney and who would die if we didnt send his email out to 24 people within 24 hours...
ok wait, im not that old!!


Oh my.. forgot about the kidney email...
Floppies? I remember (here's old) when I got a computer with a HARD DRIVE...what a concept! Then I got a 300 baud modem and discovered bulletin boards, and life was never the same :)

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