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April 14, 2005


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I am a firm believer in vinegar.

The most beautiful and vibrant 60 year old I know once told me that she drinks 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day to boost her immune system, and since she is also an immunologist, I started doing it, too. And it works - I am remarkably sturdy and havent' had the respiratory infections that everyne else around here has had this year.

So tasty, too.


Suzette, maybe that is an idea I should look into. We don't get sick very often around here, but this respiratory bug does seem to be overly persistent this season. thanks for the tip!
I'm off to buy some apple cider vinegar this weekend. Might as well put my shot glass to good use. :)
Mere & Joe, Welcome!! Be sure to come on back anytime. You can comment for free anytime up till June 4th. After that, it's a nominal fee of $19.95 a month.....
FTS, Glad you liked the photo. Fred takes incredible pictures up there in Virginia.

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