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May 23, 2005


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While I normally do not recommend duckocide, roast duck is a tasty dish, and well...


duckocide? LOL!! it sounds good to me! turning the hose on them them aint working!
I've heard that duck tastes great, but I've also heard it tastes real greasy too.

idgie threadgoode

Okay, I buy tissues and, I hate to say it, Paper towels if they're pretty - I am such a sucker to not have plain white on the walls.

National Enquirer? I read it in line, will not touch actual paper. Would die of embarrassment if I picked it up and brought it home. But... when I was younger, still in school - Mom bought it every week and it would go from Mom to Dad to me to Nana. Well used for it's 35 cents! Then it got glossy pages, went to 1.25 and mom wouldn't buy it anymore!


Hilarious , at least it's not a Black Bear.


Nopes don't buy those magazines. Only Mags I buy are Home Plans ones. Yes the ones with tfloor plans and such. I sit on the sofa some days wen it quiet and dream about them and how I would fix them to make them better for me!

Tissues? Price first then looks.


I sometimes buy tissues for looks - if the difference is only pennies. I will often read the National Enquirer in the checkout line, unless the World Weekly News has a new story about the Bat Boy ...

As for your cats, they are patiently waiting for you to kill the ducks, pluck them, gut them, cook them, slice the meat off in bite-sized chunks, and arrange it artfully on silver platters for their enjoyment.

By the way, cooked properly, wild duck is not greasy at all ... in fact, if you're not careful it can dry right out on you. It's always an autumn treat up here, as I try to spare your swimming pool. But I can't do anything about the herons - they're protected.


I have some really nice wooden tissue covers so the packaging means little to me but I have to have those nice soft tissues with lotion.....*my precious nose and all* :)


the ducks are cute. look so peaceful and contented just paddling around in your pool. I hope you explained sanitary problems to them. like no droppings in the pool.
Ah the headlines of those supermarket tabloids. always attention getting. Never bought one. but I have noticed people of all ages buying them. Maybe they need some excitement in their lives?
Paper towels and kleenex? I go by price and whether or not I have a nice coupon for discount on kleenex.. but for paper towels I am selective.. like the "sized ones" and they have to be strong.


I agree with ya Sandy, noses are precious. your blog aint bad either. I'd give your blog a 4star kleenex rating!

Nils, aren't you back yet?
sounds like you have experience with the whole "duckfood for cats".. that is scary,in and of itself. ;)
btw, you can do the 10things here, there or never. I dont mind. don't forget the pictures when you get back or the canadian bashing will begin immediately.

Jaws, I was surprised to read your response. I do the SAME thing. We built our first house and I loved the whole process of designing and building it. When it was done, I wanted to do it over again. I still find myself drawing little sketches of rooms or houses. Someday, I plan to build again, just have to get these kids raised and outta here. lol

Idgie... you are still wacky.. or is that wacko LOL!

and Mike, if I see a black bear locally, i'm throwing in the towel. I found a snake in the pool once, a little garter snake. Since this is Florida, i'm more likely to find a gator in it then a snake!

I love reading all of your comments and just thwap me if I dont reply in a timely fashion. i'm bad about that.


I use toilet paper for tissues but I will buy the pretty paper towels like Idgie. Don't read the NI even in line.

By the way, I've got a tuxedo cat as fat as yours!


poopie, we should trade cat picts. then we can become cat bloggers. lol

Mike, that gives me nightmares, you know.

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