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May 07, 2005


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FIRST, Happy Mother's Day!

Now, you are sooo right about natural selection ... . I perused ebay last week and saw the toast, tee shirts and wedding invitations. These items say more about the buyers than the sellers. People will buy anything. I like the guy who sold a "mystery envelope" for $1800. I would have put a "nut" in it - at least, the buyer would have some company.

Then , again, just look at the wasteland of network television. We're not talking about an abundance of intellect here. It's scary, really scary!!

Have a GOOD one.


I think Garrison Keillor would get a kick out of someone doing his face in toast. But I don't think he would bid on it.


How 'bout Pope toast?

Happy Mother's Day Laura!


ebay.. the fools paradise!
I was digging in the yard this morning and pulled up a long tap root from one of the weeds. got to looking at it closely and I could swear it looks like there's a face on it, I could see those Wilbank eyes staring back at me.
Happy Mothers Day y'all! thanks poopie and Mike :)


Happy Mothers day and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jim Carry made of toast.. big teethy grin and all.

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