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May 17, 2005


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"I try to look at the larger picture, beyond the braces and wires and silvery computer parts.... and realize in the end that this just a part of the journey; and the journey itself is all good."
Laura, that has got to be one of the best 'quotes' I have ever read. You managed to sum up life in one sentence. We are on a journey, and just passin' through this place; we need to keep that in focus.
You do. Thanks for reminding me of that.


I laughed through this whole post. My husband was always trying to "tweak" my computer. Now the trouble with that is I know how his computer runs after he deleted.. tweak.. and took it apart. The thought of him even taking off the side cover was enough to send me into Hives. I am glad it all worked out ok though for ya.


Sounds like my house; 2 laptops from ebay ( way cheap) , one new from Dell and I built my tower. ' gotta have a computer in every room - wireless network - and image all the hard drives weekly - yep, a man after my own heart.

AND ... I'm w/ Steelcowboy, thanx for reminding us how rich this journey is!! :0)

call me scarlett

The fear that you had to overcome to allow hubby to do that! I am in awe of you!

I freak out when mine tries to install a new program, never mind go at it with a screwdriver!



Great post... I was going to suggest the fan, because I had the same problem once. I also had an old AMD K6 that would shut down unexpectedly and it turned out to be a bad processor. Sometimes things just get... old.


be grateful he knows what he is doing and finishes what he starts. that, in its self is amazing and to be cherished.
Now if I could just get my blankety blank email to "send".

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