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May 23, 2005


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Hmmm hmm.... My hairs down to the middle of my back. I wanna cut it so bad but hubby won't let me(well you know what I mean). SOunds interesting though if you actually tried it out. Wow 100 though? eessh am cheap. I might have a heart attack dishing that over.


The reason you had to throw so many cheap flat irons out is because, well, they were cheap. The heating element should be made of ceramic, jade, or one of the higher grade materials. The reason the $100 flat iron worked better is because it's made better. It should glide easily down the hair.

TIP: Don't hold it in one spot or you will scorch your hair. Also, try not to repeat with it over the same section or you could damage it. Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before using it, too.

We use the Chi irons, and they sell for roughly $110 or so, depending on the deal we get when we buy them. We've had a bit of quality problems with a couple of them, but overall they're still the best ones we've found so far for as much use as we put them through.

Jaws: Hair down the middle of the back is not very stylish as a lady gets older. Shoulder length will give you so many more style options and yet is still considered long. Once it gets past the shoulders, style choices become very limited, plus the hair tends to get stringy and frizzy.

Don't sweat the $100 flat iron. It was actually a good investment. The cheap ones are worthless.


I'd borrow that flatiron except, well. Mine stays up in a clip most of the time!! I pathetic and lazy :)


awesome!!! Next time we need styling advice, we know exactly who to go to. You make a real good point about having to throw out all the other curling irons and hair straightners because they were cheap. wish you lived HERE, FTS!
Poopie, you're not lazy, you're just busy! lol

Jaws, If you want to cut it, why not try it at shoulder length with layers on the bottom, where it touches your shoulders? that gives it a lot of body.


Hmmm that one looks like the one our beautician used. Mine? Well, it's a cheapy from Target, looks nothing like that one, but works like a wonder. Makes our hair beautiful, straight, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!" LOL. If I had a hundred bucks extra laying around I might invest, but truly - the cheapy one we have works great. I swear. :)


I straighten my hair the old-fashioned way: first, I imagine what it would be like to have hair ....


I love the "nice" straightners, but ouch expensive. Lucky you having a teenage daughter who buys that stuff. LOL.


My hair stylist is the one that first used Sedu hair straightner ( ) on my hair and i fell in love with it! My hair is very frizzy and made it flatter and straighter than the one I had. The only bad thing is it does fry my hair. but there is a trick, like always in taking care of your hair. People get smart, you can't wash your hair everyday when you take a straightner on it everyday!!! Hair isn't supposed to be washed everyday anyway, especially if you use a straightner everyday!

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