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May 28, 2005


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Well mater plants just barely have blooms! You ever tried a BB gun on those birds??


I had a good sized fountain once. Big enough to keep several gold fish in. But, they kept disappearing. I couldn't figure it out...I thought maybe a neighborhood cat. But, one day while I was sitting on the deck, I noticed a big, fat blackbird land on the edge of the fountain, select the 'choicest' fish and gulp it down.


This and the garden post are when you are at your BEST, Laura. Thank you for the all that it provides us all!!! We smell the roses, too. :0) ... it's the important part of life.


Thanks Mike :))) really does pay to take time to smell the roses. I was out in the tomato garden today, and let me tell you there's nothing worse then the "scent" of rotting tomatoes....

Just watch Pammy jinx me with the blackbirds and then I'll NEVER get rid of them!!! lol

Poopie, My tomatoes were planted back in March (I think). If you want to trade, come on down. when August comes, I'll come up and get some of yours, how 'bout it?

Steel, hope you're reading this.. Your parent's garden sounds awesome. and you're right, nothing like biting into fresh grown produce. this is the first garden i've had in 9 years and I've really missed it.

Old Horsetail Snake

Laura: Lookie here -- an email and a comment, all in the same day!!

Alfred Hitchcock rolling in grave, wondering why birds don't take on bigger prey (you and hubs).

I LOVE red, orange, yellow peppers. Green peppers are non good, as in "I hate 'em."


Your fish are just fast food for them. I have never been a gardening type of person but I love some tomatoes.


Yay! Another post about the proud, majestic heron, the wily bird too sophisticated to scavenge in oceans and brooks, and intelligent enough to understand the concept of "feeder fish" ... as in "Hey, they call them that for a reason, and THEY ain't eatin' 'em!"

Incidently, I believe the reason you were so peeved at the bird on the beach was that there you were, sans children, on a Florida beach, on a blanket at sunset, the waves gently rolling in ... and your husband nudges you ... to POINT OUT A HERON.

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