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June 01, 2005


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* I saw POTO on the airplane and loved every second of it ... and I have a history of loathing any movie I've seen on an airplane, so that was a big deal for me. It's really well acted, well sung, well directed, and the sets and costumes are terrific. Interested in what you think, though ...

* You are experiencing the most magical and wonderful of transformations that come with havig two girls. Mine, too, fought like cats for 15 years ... and then, one day, they ... just didn't. They are now closer than any of us could have imagined.

We actually had a conversation about it not too long ago - they remember when I was in despair because they loathed one another so much. And now ... they are life-long kindred spirits with a bond so strong it makes my eyes go all misty.

It's something about sisters ...


Dang, my kids are 18 and 14 and STILL fight.. Kudos to you!


Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. We just received Phantom ‘ via Netflix. My wife watched it three times while working on her scrapbooks. We saw it on stage , too. It’s a brilliant peace of work. … I hope you enjoyed it.


Ah, hurricane season. We're on the tail end of the spring tornado season. I visited Gulf Shores a couple of months ago, and seeing the damge from Ivan -- even six months later -- was enough to take my breath away.


I loved it! I don't have time to post this morning, but I will definetly buy the DVD. I was still feeling sorry for the Phantom when I woke up.

Of note: Patrick Wilson, who plays Raoul, is the son of John and Mary K. Wilson who are local fixtures in this town. John Wilson is an anchorman for WTVT Fox 13, and Mary K. Wilson is a singer and voice coach. They both perform locally as well.

If I had to rate it, I'd give it 5 roses. ;)

My hub would give it 2 roses, and that's because he fell asleep during the first act. ahhh well.


LOL Hurrican season here normally is not a huge deal. Two years ago one came though and knocked out our lights for 2 weeks. Now I live in a building though where they have a Generater. So we get one plug off it if they need to turn it on.

Kids not argue? Mine do over silly stuff like my 6 year says she can run 40 million miles. My 10 year is not happy until she admits she can't. LOL


Everyone is in a panic here in Gainesville. I was in Wal-mart this morning, and I overheard an employee telling a customer that they would probably have to probably go to Georgia to get a generator. Of course, that means no tax break! My poor in-laws, who live in Pensacola, still haven't gotten their roof and a shattered window fixed from Ivan. Let's hope all the storms pass us by this year!!

Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

Hello darlin' I see you fixed the links as per your email. I thank you for adding me to your roll.


Robin, so sorry to read about your parents house, where were they when the storm hit? We watched Ivan pass us by, head into the panhandle, and just cringed. I have some friends there who really got hit bad.
Just about evey where we go in the hurricane zones, we still see blue roofs and damage here and there. Not looking forward to this season at all.

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