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June 07, 2005


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When I post on Blogger I copy and past to my notebook before posting. I can't tell you how mnay posts I have never gotten on my site because my computer hates blogger.

Apples gona to the dark side? Shhh its a secret no one is suppose to know..LOL


Whatever. Just get a computer that allows you to be online, get files, post comments, write your blog and receive pics, all without crashing. You deserve that.


I've used both and truly would not bash Mac or PC. However, my preference is PC. Much of that is driven by my investments in software. I have four computers- 2 Dells laptops, 1 HP laptop( not) and a tower that I built. My best advice is to steer you to ( good value - good product ). My main computer is a Dell Inspiron - I love it! I believe Steelcowby just went Dell, too. He's a professional.

Free advice is worth what you pay for it - but, I hope it helps!!


Gotta tell ya - I'm not too into the Mac. They're good for design and movie making, but outside of that, they're very limited.

PC's are more adaptable and user-friendly, and they're fairly safe and secure once you learn how to use them without messing them up.


Hey Mike, careful, tell 'em what KIND of pro I am LOL!
I did though - just purchased two Dells, one laptop for my daughter and one (entry level) desktop for my son. These will be the third and fourth Dell's I have owned. Can't beat the pricing. I think they are running one of their seemingly endless 'sales' this week also.
Having said that, we use Compaqs here at work with no problem, and there are over 40 of them running...
PC or MAC... I use PC. More selection. I also use Knoppix Linux (freeware). Dependable, but steep learning curve.
There are those who love their Macs. I have never owned one, so am not really qualified to say...
Okay dokey, off me Professional box now.


so if I get a DELL...are you all offering free TECH SUPPORT????????? thanks for the tips though. I have a few more bills to pay off and then we'll start looking. I miss having two comptuers, getting tired of sharing this one with the kids.


Huh? Who, me? Did Mike lead you te believe I know anything about computers? Uhm, no I like, I'm in, er.. PLASTICS, that 's it.. me and Dustin Hoffman.

neural enema

I personally just got a new mac last week (G4 powerbook) and let me tell you, it is pretty damn sexy. If you currently use your computer just for basic, blogging, iming, etc, then you may want to opt for a dell, as the powerbook is bit pricey (my 15inch powerbook was 2G's). If you like exploring all the creative things that can be done with your system, then mac will tickle your neurons into an euphoric bliss.

Security is typically not a function of the architecture of the PC, but a function of software that runs on the PC (ie Windows XP, Windows 2k, Linux, Word, Apache Server, etc). So in all likely hood you won't have to worry about increased security vulnerbilities on mac, as a result of the switch to an intel architecture. The software that makes a mac tick, is modified a BSD (BSD is a type of operating system, similar to linux), which is a pretty secure and stable. So in short, a mac will be more secure than most (if not all) windows based systems.

I haven't read much about switch to intel. I hear this would advantageous for apple in terms of content management. It seems they are in a race with microsoft for domination of the living room.

For more info:,2125,67749,00.html


neural, thanks for the info, very informative. I'll probably narrow the selection down based on what I can do with my photography and graphics on the computer. I'm strictly amateur,but I'd like to do more with my photos.
'course, that could simply be a software issue, not a Mac vs. PC issue. I just use the computer for email, the internet and blogging, pretty standard stuff.
I just get sick of having to keep the anti malware programs updated constantly. that's why a Mac looked fairly enticing.

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