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June 08, 2005


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I too am guilty of the open tabs.. actually have most set up to load on startup... you did know you can load more than one page at start up, eh? :)
Live FF, but it doesn't like some of the sites I use (my BANK for one, the new for another).


Mia colpa, mia colpa - I do it , too ( open windows). But, I am glad you're turning more folks on to FIREFOX ; IE sucks - it's soooo insecure. I like the weather extension - it's on my bookmarks toolbar.

FIREFOX has an icon on my blog. I think it's that superior ... smart lady!


You're welcome (g) ...

As you know, I love Forefox, and when sites don't display well with it, I blame the sites and fire off an e-mail to their webmaster. It's the best browser I've ever used, by a margin ...


Firefox does indeed rock!


I notice lots of people use firefox..I wondered why. I'm so used to IE I'm a bit scared to try it! I enjoy cooking too, but in the heat of summer it's a bit much - I agree.


Ruth, the Firefox format looks similar to IE. I have a feeling you'd be very comfortable with it.
I had Opera for awhile, and loved it, but I couldn't view most web pages while using it.
If you're interested, it might be worth it to download firefox and check it out. You can always uninstall if you don't like it.
I went to their extensions section and downloaded the tabbed browsing and a few other features that are add-ons.
If you have any questions, I recommend asking Steel or Mike or any other Tech Wizard, since I'm basically self taught and tend to wing it. Please take my advice at your own risk! LOL

Mike, I posted oone of their icons when I first downloaded it. It's in my tech section somewhere. I never did get around to putting it in my sidebar. I suppose I should.
I wonder if they would pay me ...... j/k

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