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June 03, 2005


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Very Hitchcockesc...spooky!
Hmm... that may fit both the bird and the children's behavior :)


Wow! What a great picture. Maybe he could spear you a twinkie? Hey , congratulations on the diet.


thanks Mike, i'm down 4.5 pounds! lol

Steel, I hope he doesn't go get the crows...


Thanks for visiting my site...and I really enjoy reading about what's happening in your world...carbohydrates, cranes, and chores...ah, life :)


Scarey thing is my brother used to love to ist on the roof. He hee bird brains.. go figure.

Gratz on the 4 pounds!!


I remember the days when people had those little statues of the little guy holding a keyring in their yards. My, how far society has come... ;-)


A) Stop weighing yourself. You know better.
2) SEE? Proud and noble beasts, the striding waterfowl. All you have to do is occasionally provide them with a big fat meal ...


Maybe he's a "Good Karma Krane". hehehe


I always said they are perfect kids. Their grand dad and I are proud of them.


EGAD!! FTS told me you had an big old bird up there but dang. I bet that dude can spear some fish.


No, wait .. I know that bird. It's The Stork! Aha! I KNEW there was something you weren't telling us! Let the internet rumour mill begin churning, folks ...


I'm back home, just in time to defend my blog from Nils and I Am NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!
'cuse me while I kick his as*******ssss

Poopie, that bird is why I my cats are good for nothing. They have not been able to defend the premises from him and his evil ways.

Good Karma, Pammy???? It ATE MY STOCK OF FISH! I'll show it karma, right up it's Karma Charmeleon arse...

Jaws, is that the same brother that had the little "poo problem" at the swim meet? LOL She wrote about that on her blog, folks. I posted a direct link to it further down on my site if you scroll. Or you can go over there and have a look!

FTS, what eats these types of birds? I'll get a statue of that instead....

and Mona, I think I could use a few more visits to your blog, if only to get some peace in my world ...


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