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June 03, 2005


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I rewmember when my beloved Red Wings won the Cup.. how many times was that, again? ;)
Dang strike, anyway.
Alabama - first time I EVER saw them, was supposed to see Willie. He got hurt, and the booked some lame ass band nobody ever heard of before... but they sure did, after!
Glad ya found the cert, and got to relax some.


rewmember? What the heck is that word?? I'm sober, really..


Jimmy Buffett, Alabama, Chuck Mangione, Stanley Cup (Bobby Hull lived in my neighborhood – Chicago – I grew up playing hockey ) … this stuff is great! The priceless items I thought I lost forever – I did. Ya know, if your going to do something – do it right. Right??

The wife just got back from two weeks at a spa in CalEEfornia. Yep, I think it started something – it’s OK – she deserves it … happy wife = happy house.


I lost my wedding ring in three feet of water.

I was at the cottage, on Lake Winnipeg, which is one of the world's largest inland lakes. It's hundreds of miles long, but it's never more than 30 feet deep at its deepest point. And near the shoreline, where all the cottages are, it's smooth, sandy, gently sloping bottom so shallow you can walk out a quarter of a mile before the water is up to your chest.

At the cottage, when you wanted to get cleaned up, and shampoo your hair (at the time, I still had some), you went out into the lake. In the early summer, the water could be a little on the chilly side - the old "once you get used to it, it's fine" sort of thing. Well, that day, I went in up to my lower thighs, so as not to umm ... lose anything REALLY precious ... ducked my head under, and began to shampoo.

I can still see my wedding ring, sliding off my shampoo-slippery, shrunken finger, arcing gently about three feet in front of me, and hitting the surface of the water with a gentle *ploooop* sound.

I froze and yelled back to the shore. EIGHT friends were up at the cottage that weekend, and all eight came out as I stood there, stark still to mark the spot. They searched until every one of them was shivering from the cold, and it was never found.

A week later, I took the insurance money from the ring and bought a nice watch. I've never since worn a ring of any kind. And never will.

Oh, and by the way ... a Bible in your lingerie drawer ...? How deliciously dissonant ...


Nils, I've been in Lake Erie, which is cold enough in September to make you feel like you're swimming in ice water. Seems to me that Lake Winnipeg, with it's floating ice chunks in the winter, must have been 100 times colder. I can't imagine standing there to mark the spot.
At Lake Erie, we were at hub's family cottage, attempting to water ski, and I had to wade out into the water and wait until they brought the boat around. Well, it took awhile, as the guys saw something in the distance and decided to go investigate, displaying their usual one track mindset, as it were. I was swimming around, trying to get warmed up. that works in Florida waters, after all.

By the time I got on the ski's, I was blue in the lips and my fingers were so cold I could hardly hold onto the ropes. Lets just say I crashed and flipped several times in the process. I was never so glad to get back on that boat. lol

Mike.. If she had two weeks at a spa, I'd bet she's a happy camper all right. I think i'm going to have to change my strategy.

Steel... yeah, uh.. we read fluent typo around here :)) lol


Girl..the couple of times I've had massages I was so dizzy when I got up I could barely walk! I sure could use one now though.


Yeah, Lake Erie's cold. But also, yeah, I have a picture somewhere of me in Lake Winnipeg on Victoria Day weekend (May 24th) , hugging a chunk of floating lake ice. Brr.

Oh, and if you're ever going to become an honoUrary Canadian (and your birthday gives you a leg up on that), you're going to have to learn that when you're in water that cold, there's really only one way to warm it up - and it's not by swimming around ... (g)


Never had a massage but maybe one day.

I have lost my fathers childhood teddy bear. I have had to so long since I was alittle girl aswell. I think I lost it in our move some how. I went looking for it because my daughter was suppose to bring some thing into school which was old and had a story. I thought his teddy bear would be perfect. I cried for 2 days straight trying to find that thing. I keep hoping it will turn up one day.

I almost watched my wedding ring go down the bathrub drain 3 weeks ago fell off my finger as my hands where all soapy.. Just about had a heat attack.


Massages leave me in a coma. I love it.
So can I blame you for no hockey season? You catch a puc and now we don't have one? I am now forced to talk to my husband at nights because there are no games to watch. How many levels of wrong is that??? What am I suppose to do with out my Shanny? (Det. #14)


Massages are great. I ony have one about once a year though. Agree with Poopie that they can make you feel a bit dizzy when you stand up!


Maeve, you have my sympathy, girl. I don't know what we're going to do without hockey season. Even my football team doesnt have much hope this year. maybe your hub needs to get his own blog so you dont have to walk him so much??? lol

Ruth and Poopie, I remember feeling rather "winded," and my heart was pounding a little faster then normal when the massage was done. I thought that was a little odd, as I figured I'd feel relaxed and easy going. I'll go somewhere else next time.

jaws, it drives ya crazy when you KNOW something is in the house, and it's just not in that spot. Hope you find the lil guy soon!

Nils um... " ." ! lol

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