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June 08, 2005


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Great list Laura, back when everything seemed so simple.


Laura, that was absolutely wonderful. "Box their head." - I used to hear "Box your ears off" frequently. Many of your memories paralleled mine - especially, my bike - and we played down by the creek at the trolley bridge. Also, I agree, it's very, very sad that children now know nothing of childhood.

Just super, Lady - thanx!!!


Hmmm..... OK. I'll do this today...


We do "Theme Thursday" on our blog, so it will be Friday or Saturday before mine is up.


A bike with a bannana seat, sissy bar, big old honking orange flag. Leaving the house at sun up "Be back by dark!".. no fears. We watched each other back then, not screw each other over.
Thanks... for the memories. *sigh*


Yup. Simple and innocent. (sigh) Great post, Laura!


Maine NAILS it.... I'm voting his post as the funniest meme out there. I promise never again to send him a meme, but I can't promise I wont link to his posts from time to time.
He always tells it like it is.


I'll admit it - I'm having way too much fun with this thing.

And, really, thanks for the meme. The post I had planned for today was gonna suck.


I'm lovin' that kid on the beach. I prolly need to go there and find my inner kid.


I can't believe my perfect child was capable of such behaviour..lucky for you and Gary you did not get caught.
It is sad that kids can not enjoy their childhoods as we did. Back in the forties we never thought of locking the doors or even knocking when we went in a neighbors house. Nor did their kids knock on our doors. I do blame TV and the movies for the increase in crime. I watched a movie once that had the mother F word every other sentence. And I, an adult, found myself thinking of that word constantly for days after. Think of how the constant exposure to swearing and sex and violence has an effect on kids.
I never beleived in censorship.. until now. But I admit I am still leary of it. I simply do not trust the powers that be.

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