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June 17, 2005


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Now you're a "LAND SHARK"! ( )


My sister! LOL jk

How about.. "Oh yeah well I can bark and bite!"


"If I promise to never eat your slippers again, will you put him back in the water?"


Hope she don't let HIM type like she does that da*n bird...


Caption 1 = Bite? thats not a bite mate .. cmere I'll show ya a REAL Bite (Buddy *is* part aussie sheperd right?)
Caption 2 = Yeah - so you can swim, pee, and bite at the same time .. - SO WHAT - *I'm* not the one with a HOOK in my mouth, am I pal?


Oops, 1 more
Caption 3 = See guys, I *told* you using Rico as bait would work!!!

Old Horsetail Snake

How appropriate that someone named "Jaws" would comment on this picture!

Did you catch anything worth keeping?

Did you know there is such a thing as a "dog salmon"? Did you know your dog is not one of them?


Thinking bubble coming out of the dog's head: "Good thing this is called the Poop Deck because otherwise I might be in trouble for what I just did!"


Y'all are a hoot and a half. lol

Hoss, I've never heard of dog salmon, so I had to go look it up. I find myself doing that more often than not after reading your commentary. My vocabulary just grows by leaps and bounds that way, even if half the time, it's one of your MADE UP WORDS, LOL.
Remind me to tell you about monopulate. (g)

and no, we didn't catch anything worth keeping that day. Lots of throw backs and bait. drat. They're going out tomorrow, so I have high hopes. The dog is staying home this time.

Steel...the BIRD is still typing.... ;)

Seff, nope... he's not part aussie, he's part Akita, believe it or not. you'd also never believe what the mother looked like. She was barely 30 pounds wringing wet, solid black, short hair, mixed breed. Buddy has her eyes, that's about it. Maybe her temperament, she was a sweet dog. I should do a post on how our dogs resemble each other so much. lol. think so?

And I will not use Rico as bait, ever. Only because he's hard to catch. He would bring in a meaty tarpon tho.

Robin, if he pooped on the deck, he'd go overboard... lol j/k

I forgot all about LAND SHARK with Chevy Chase!

Jaws, your sister?? LOL!

Maine, 5 years ago, that would have been a possiblity. He used to eat our dish towels, not our slippers. i'm telling you, you should have seen the remains. er, maybe not. lol

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