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June 21, 2005


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My favorite is to be in the middle of grilling something and the propane running out. Oh joy!


You're makin' me hungry.....

Old Horsetail Snake

If you're going to throw rice in Clearwater, you might not need to wash your hands first. Afterwards, though. You never know where those Japanese have had their feet.


It's a good thing those Salmon are dead - you might hurt their self esteem w/ all that hand washing.


I think I may sue the recipe peoples. They hurted my feelins telling me to wash my hands. Do they think I is a dirty person?
I would like a taste of that there salmon - if you washed your hands b4 you handled it, that is :)


Yes, those reminders rank right up there with the signs in the bathrooms that say "Employees must wash hands after bathroom use." I always think to myself, "You mean they wouldn't if you didn't tell them?". Kinda scary!


You can thank the woman who sued McDonalds because their coffee was hot for all of this.

By the way... do you deliver?

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