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June 22, 2005


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Laura - we want a video(s); this will answer the bandwidth and storage problems. AND! It's free ;O)

poopie cats do it too. And so do the dogs. And (stupid me ) I stand there and yell at ' they understand people talk.


The general way of cats, it seems. I like the toe meeting the behind idea.


Heheheh. Mucho thankos. I just want to sit and stare at that sign, laughing like I'm baked off my gourd.

Unfortunately, I am just naturally this way.


Critters. 'Nough said.


Oh that always happens to me. If I clean the house- they'll cancel. If I don't, they'll show up with extra folks in tow.....

Great billboards:-)


Pisser, you are naturally half baked! A fine gourd indeed!

Steel.. that's a nice way of putting it.

Mrs DoF: just don't tell the SPCA, but it works once in a while. As long as they don't turn around and swat you back.

Poopie.. well see, they do. they DO understand us. and they are laughing at us on the inside!!!!

Mike.. ack... free? hmmmm.

Nils.. oh wait, you didnt comment. i'm working on that meme, (really). lol


Scary ... I came here to say just that. When you're done with our brain, please let me know ...


my cat loves to run up to the door, then stop and look bored before slowly entering the house. Or if he and the dog are going to together he races to get in before the dog.
About Mosquitoes, plant four o'clocks around. the critters hate them and they are pretty red flowers that bloom at night. We are lucky, not many (yet)


If you had coyotes like I do, your cats would be RACING in through the door like their ass was on fire.
(which is why I don't own any cats, I refuse to feed the coyotes).


That Happy Carpenter is good. I used to help kids with reading in school too, and I enjoyed it. The whole language way is crap...


Cats make me insane, therefore I have dogs. Hold up a piece of bologna and they'll jump into a burning pit for it.

Mosquitos in Florida? I'd say that's the least of your worries. How about the oh so delicately called Palmetto Bugs. (Folks, if you don't know Florida - those would be GIANT FLYING COCKROACHES!!!)

Finally, Tom and Katie - Icky!


To a cat, the entire world is there for its amusement. No one owns a cat.

I miss my Golden Retrievers... *sigh*


eeeewwww mosquitos! MY 6 year old is like a bug magnet. SHe will bet bit and then the bites turn into hills and mountains on her. I have never seen anything like it.. If there is a mosquito with in a 1/4 of a mile it will find her.


hey Jaws, when I was a kid, the mosquitos always found me, and I'd get the same type of bites. I was miserable whenever there was an outdoor gathering in the evening. I grew out of it and they don't seem to bite as often now. Hope that works for your kiddo!! lol

Idgie is right about the palmetto bugs. The Underground Society to Keep People from Moving To Florida (USKPMF) ranks these roaches as our number one pest to use, followed by the skeeters, snakes and gators. (Not the heron's.. they joined of their own accord). We release them whenever there is another population explosion.

Golden Retrievers are not on that list because they are gorgeous dogs and make good lap warmers, despite their size.

Momma K, the house is a mess again. just watch.. someone will knock on the door soon. It would be nice if it was a maid.

Ruth, yep, I got a kick out of the billboards at his site. The English language is real screwed up, in my opinion. The spelling and pronounciation rarely coordinate with each other.

Maeve, that gives me an idea for a new post. We have a coyote problem in this county also. seriously! I think i'll write about them, along with the new killer bees that have arrived. The society (UStKPMF) has gone too far!


Is it Mosquito season already? Next thing you know I'll be watching tie-dye weather charts on tv 24-7...

I linked to you this morning, hope you don't mind.

Old Horsetail Snake

Hey, kid, you missed a good theft over there:

"Come check out our stool samples."

But you're a good thief. A+ on ya.


ah those palmetto bugs! when I was a kid, living in West Miami, there were so many of them on the sidewalks that we had to walk in the street to keep from squashing them. They are bigger than cockroaches and even more repulsive. Haven't seen one in years for which I am grateful.

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