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July 16, 2005


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The new layout is fantastic Laura!


I have to go with SteelCowboy. This is a tuxedo look with some gold accessories in the photo. It’s pretty refined. It’s all about taste though; but, I think this layout is striking. Oh, BTW congrats on the Canon Rebel XT – I’m truly impresses!!!

Oh, and I think some folks ARE finding out "Who Emily Is" .... geez!


I'm really liking the new look here. :)

Old Horsetail Snake

Geez, kiddo, you missed another chance for a promo:

"...I feel so slim because of Slimfast..."

Win Brittany's lunch money. Disabuse her of the notion that gambling is good.

Curel CEO

You can expect a check from the Curel people later this week, ma'am.


Did you get my invite? Want to make sure you don't think I'm ignoring you!



Wow love the new with the pic and all looks great Laura.


Poker is such a big thing here also with the middle school kid's..we played Friday night with some friends and Ailey and the two neighbor kids had a table set up on the patio and they had themselves a game going..ages 15 to 12. They get all serious about it too...too funny. We were inside drinking beer and eating peanuts and the kids had pretzels & root beer...If you're a bad mom than I am too..Let's start a "Crappy Mom's Club"..haha..


Remember the old truism. never bet more than you can afford to lose.
My father constantly preached to us, "never bet, never gamble" I think that is why none of us ever did or do.
But, oh I do love to play cards. Even if you all keep taking my nickles away. lol

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