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August 19, 2005


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That anatomical exhibit is fascinating as is the plasticization process. I just watched a documentary on The History Channel about it. It's too bad people can't get beyond the juvenile aspects and realize how much knowledge is before them. When I was in school, several of us had to share a cadaver - these would have been invaluable.

I hope you can go!


Hope your lil bitty toe gets better! :)

Old Horsetail Snake

You want to know too much, and you want it all for free. Screw off. What's it worth?

Hoss 1, Laura 0

(Hefty has already invented that super-strong netting gizzy. Don't you watch TV ads?)

(The reason that show wasn't approved by the anatomical board is that the mock-up shows the prostate is easy for docs to get at. Trust me, it is not easy to get at. Having that removed is like... like... like smashing a toe with a hammer.)


St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Stubbed Toes. Had you been putting ads into your paper regularly, you would not be on those obviously powerful painkillers you have taken. (g)


oh poor toe. What a thing to have when you celebrate your 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow. Your wedding day was one of the hottest days in south Fla.
good idea about the netting. Folks there need to learn how to drive on bridges. Here they don't go over the sides. (well, maybe once or twice.)
where the heck is the anatomical board? Never heard of it. what does it do, or what is it supposed to do. considering it is in fl. it probably just collects graft.


Well, well, well ...

Happy Anniversary, darlin' ... one of the hottest days in S. Fla., huh? Let's hope your 22nd anniversay is every bit as hot. And that your A/C is working, of course ;)


I have no idea if we have an Anatomical Board in Texas, and if I wasn't trying to get in my final round of blog reading before heading off to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado I'd Google it.

Hope your toe feels better, and best wishes for a happy anniversary! :)


You can shut the bird up by letting it fly around inside with the ceiling fans on HIGH. It worked great on our poor cockatiel, who is currently suffering a severe concussion and is sans-crest. Poor horny little bugger.
You could try it on yourself also -- would take your mind off your toe problems.


About the dead bodies, do you really believe there is such a thing as a state anatomical board? I think the whole thing was ginned up by MOSI to generate more publicity.
Anatomical board my a**!


I am here via Hoss, and you are one funny woman, Laura!
I am sorry about your toe, but it is a good excuse to sit with your foot propped on a pillow all day, while family members take turns bringing you mountains of coke with splenda (so you won't toot). You might want to have some vicodin with your coke.

I do not need another blog to read daily, but I put you on my list after the first paragraph.


We do!

Virginia State Anatomical Program
400 East Jackson Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Sorry about your toe. Great excuse to go out and buy an amazing pair (or three) of open toe shoes!

Jamie Dawn

That dead people exhibit is sicko, grody to the max, beyond hitonious in every conceivable way, repulsive... and therefore, highly interesting.
I wonder what a member of an anatomical board gets paid? What are the qualifications? See! You generate more questions that you ask!
I have a brilliant idea of my own (that I have espoused for some time to the chagrin of those around me) that will make your net idea unnecessary. I will blog about it sometime.

I came via Hoss. Love the blog. Hope you'll visit mine too.


(Hoss is all wrong. The score is actually Laura 5, Hoss 1.) I can't remember how he scored that extra point. His goal is to make his pile before I do. We're in a bonafide race!

Mike, plasticization process? ok that's a new one on me. I'm going to look that up too.

Steel, it is finally on the mend. ahhh, what a horrid site it was. lol

Angie, you even provided the address! Maybe I should send them a Christmas card from "the Tampa Bodies". hmmm. I've never heard of Anatomical boards until I saw that article. We'll have to go visit it sometime... or uh, maybe not. LOL

Kenju, Welcome! I'll be over to see you too!! :))

Jamie Dawn, I agree with you, it is kind of sicko.. I'm not usually into this stuff. I'm hoping i'll learn more about what makes the body tick as a result. LOL I'll be over to see your site very soon! :)

Pedro, ahem.. When we first got the bird, everytime he got loose, i'd yell, "Turn the ceiling fans off!!!" but now...? well.. I just... dont. lol

FTS, I'll be over to mess with your site on Thursday, never fear!

Mom, thanks! oddly enough, today was the hottest day of this year too. at least, it felt like it.

Nils, I was not taking powerful painkillers as far as I know. (g) (and that is just plain scary, in and of itself. sigh. uh, why.. do you have any to share? Lol).
and thank You for the Anniv. wishes. it was hot, but only in the temperature sense. lol


Okay, that was really funny. I love when someone comes up with really interesting thoughts.

So Coke with Splenda doesn't make you toot? Hmn, I'll ask my MIL about that today - she swears by the stuff. I joked I was gonna get her a big Sam's Club box of it for Christmas.

Now Nasa did develop the upside writable pen. That's important stuff there!


No kidding, we have a state anatomical board in Florida? Wow, you learn something new every day! And my dad is a retired physician. You'd think I would know about these things by osmosis or something.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!


*checking the Yellow pages for state anatomical board* Laura.. I see dead people :) About that St Jude thing. I also have to wonder about those who post messages to dear departed loved ones in the paper professing their love and grief. I find it hard to believe that grandma's reading the local rag in heaven!

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