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August 18, 2005


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Very punny. I always love your pictures. This one must have been before you taped psychobird's head back on, huh. :o)

Old Horsetail Snake

Psycho: Can you throw your pecker, like Edgar Bergen?


Throw your pecker? Hoss you are very randy these days. LOL

poopie's purple over here! I shore do love that.


Why don't parrots fly south for the winter?


Do you prefer saltines or Ritz?
Well, that sucked. Sorry ;)


sure did, Steel. But I (the bird) will RETURN... never FEAR.
Poopie? Purple??
Angie, you're one of the good ones. How about if I come live with you, since nobody around here appreciates me for what I'm worth.

Hoss, I've heard of Edgar Bergen, I'll have to google him to see what he did with his pecker.
I don't know much about peckers, even tho i'm a cockatiel. (g)


My bird never shuts up. MIL asked me yesterday if we got another one would they be quieter - No Way! Then they'd just have someone to talk back at.

Dern noisy birds Cockatiels are.

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