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August 14, 2005


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I'm glad you have this trusted friend for obvious reasons. And I'm glad both for you and Britt. RE: small minds, their judgments say more about them than those they judge. RE: Denominations, what matters is ones own personal relationship with God. I believe the most important thing a parent will pass on to their children is living their faith. Human failures in behavior are not God's failures - some confuse that issue.

Old Horsetail Snake

The platonic Mr. Snake here. It seems odd to me that you would have to join the church for your daughter to participate. In fact, it doesn't seem right. But, heck, it's your nickel. I know you'd do anything for your kid.


I'll second your comments on good online friends. Good people, like cream, will always float to the top.

Thank you, by the way, for being one of my good blog buddies. Or buddettes. ;-)


I'm with you on the small patience at all with that. Hope you enjoy the service and come away with some answers!


Platonic, huh? Damn. And here I had such high hopes ...

My wife and kids know you as "Florida Laura", and hear about your escapades all the time. They had a wonderful merry laugh about the feeding station you set up for our herons, they know about Buddy and Rico and they give me updates as yet another hurricane bears down on you and your family.

I am pleased to be stimulating gossip and speculation, though. At my age, it's nice to be stimulating anything.

As for Lutherans, my Dad used to say "Lutheranism is like Catholicism with all the fun parts taken out." Dad was United Church, not that the pastor would have recognized him.


The church congregation I attend is not the same denomination as the one I was raised in. I went to the history and membership classes and learned quite a bit.
The reason I go to the one I do is because I am comfortable with the people there, how much friendship is encouraged; not how much, or little, Bible thumping happens.
If your daughter is attending for the youth group, and you meet the leaders and your instincts say things could work out, I say let her go for it.
I find it a bit odd that the parents have to join for the child to participate though. Our minister's wife is an employee in the office of another church in town, not even our denomination, and we find the overlap educates and supports all concerned.

And about online friends of both sexes, you are oh so right about it. It's very nice to get differenct perspectives.


I think you are doing the right thing allowing Brittany to attend the church she likes and going to a service yourself. Good for you.
I don't think it matters which church you go to as long as you are comfortable there. Members of your father's family are Lutherans.

As for your friendship with Nils, I find it hard to understand anyone would find that weird or wrong. I have read a lot of his writings and find him very amusing and very perceptive. I would also welcome him as a friend. I do not understand why people are so judgemental and narrow minded. This world would be much better off if people would stop sticking their noses where it does not belong.


Update: There were lightning bolts ALL around us when we walked out of the church. I kid you NOT! Britt grabbed me when one of them hit the parking lot and freaked both of us out. I couldn't get over the irony and was laughing inside. A friend of mine used to tell me that if I ever went to church, there would be lighting bolts for sure. I wish she was still here. ahhhhh. oh Lord..

I had a real good time. It wasn't what I thought it would be. It was rather casual, lots of families, babies with bottles, twenty somethings. All ages, really.

They had a small band in there playing. I recognized one of the teenagers on the drums. The pastor was funny, had the congregation laughing quite a few times during the sermon.
They sing often in this church, throughout the service. And everytime they started up with a new song, I'd hear a voice beside me popping up to sing. I don't know if I've ever told you, but Britt just loves to sing. She was right at home.

Thank you all for your support and encouraging words following this post. It was a little new for me to do this sort of thing.


I am glad you had a positive experience at church. Religion and church and church families are a very personal thing, matters of the heart and mind and spirit individual to us all. Pray for discernment and where you need to be. You will get an answer.

With no conflict between you and your husband about your online friends perhaps this post will help those who do not understand to let it go.


"I invite them to get out the dictionary and look up the word "platonic" and if they still don't believe the definition, they can shove it. Frankly, I have very little patience for small minds."

Well said! Some peeps have a real problem with this - I don't know what century they're living in.


Sounds like you've got a great friend there. It is so nice to have those we can turn to, whether it be on-line, or off.
It's good that you are going to see for yourself what the services are like. Hard to judge by only one however, just a word to the wise.
As Mike stated, denominations are made up of people, who make mistakes and can err; the Church - is Christ centered. It is up to each of us individually to decide what we are and are not comfortable with; it's between us and our Lord.
Good luck, God bless, God speed.


I saw your update and smiled. Good. I'm glad you liked it! I am also amazed and happy you took your daughter. That is so awesome. I just wonder how many people listen to their kids and take them seriously when they say they want to attend a church! LOL. To go schleping off to service with them... awesome. Kudos Mom!

Too funny about the lightening bolts though! You'll have to go again and see if it happens twice! Now THAT would be interesting.

I'm not Lutheran, but I worked as the Administrative Assistant for 2 different Lutheran Churches for about 7 years.


Great points about the online community. I have friends from a decade ago online I still consider close friends - even though we've never met.

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