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August 28, 2005


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Oh my.... it looks very scary. My prayers will be with everybody affected by it.


Prayin' even now..


Did you hear the advisement to evacuate NOL? They don't have enough body bags. It ALWAYS amazes me the fools who don't look down the road and see it comin' - they wait until the evacuation routes are impassable, you can't buy gas at any price and ... hmmmmm.

"Concept" a go bag. Geez.

Old Horsetail Snake

That son of a gun slipped right up on people. This is not good, again.


This storm grew in miraculous proportions literally (just as you said) overnight. I thought hitting the Florida penninsula would take the wind out of its sails, but it looks like it just made it mad.

I sit here looking at the Weather Channel and the news, and even as they warn people to evacuate there are those who choose to ride these things out. For the life of me I can't understand why.


I can't believe it's up to 175 mph. I absolutely stunned. They dont have enough body bags in NOL?? doesn't that just give you the chills to think about.. ugh.
New Orleans is, what.. 17 feet below sea level? I'm not sure what the exact number is, but once that surge comes in... whoa. cant even imagine what will be left afterward.

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