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August 09, 2005


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This is excellent advice, which I plan to follow once I rid my computer of the Teddy Bear virus.


I am very late in thanking you for your visit to my journal. I have been suffering from the all day long morning sickness that makes it impossible to do much of anything. Thankfully that is over and I can come here and read all about you!

I hate forwarded emails also!!


Gee, and there I was just gettin' ready to send you this nice email from my new friend in Nigeria...


My Fav Urban legend site which I rec all of you visit.


lol, there's the old Emperors New Clothes, again. How many of us think it, but don't say it. But, I thought the story about the donkey in the well was true?? .... Well ... how about the thing with Lionel Richie in the elevator? Or ....

Forward this comment to 10 people and you will be blessed.


I hate those things. I beg people not to email me the stuff. If it says, FW: in the header, I delete without reading. Gah.

Especially the happy inspirational stuff.



I especially like the ones from my friends that begin with, "I don't usually pass these on, but..."

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