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August 11, 2005


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My wife has allergies, and for her stuffiness she takes... er... damn, something that's not one of the meds you listed. She tried all of those and didn't like them. The new one worked much better.

I left her a message. She'll call back and tell me what the pill is and I'll be back.


I take clarinex for right nose snot. doesn't help at all. Maybe you should continue the samples to see if the side effects abate. Or you could call and see if there is a substitute for the nasonex. look up the side effect of the stuff on the web.


Flonase is the best...I've used it for years. Of all the antihistamines I've tried, Zyrtec is the only one that works for me. Good luck!


Can't comment on the meds, but glad they found the cause.


I would prescribe the same thing. Give it some time, 2-3 weeks and see how it is working. If there is a problem call the office. Also, be careful about cyber-medicine. It's very human to read the side effects and have the symptoms. Who hasn't? BTW - I use BOTH myself. But, we are all different.

Aren't allergies a pain in the ' ?


Maine! i'm still waiting!! tell her to hurry! ;) j/k

Mike, yep.. I'll be sticking to my Dr.'s advice, of course, but just wanted to hear from others what their experience has been. I haven't had any symtoms today, other than a mild headache and increased thirst.

and yep, allergies are a pain in the question mark! ;)


I don't even own aspirin (I've never had a headache), so I have no idea about any kind of meds. All I know is since this spider bit me I have ingested more pills in a week than my body has had in its lifetime. No more, thank you very much. Ack!


My oldest son is entering the 4th grade. He has seasonal allergies and takes some of the same meds that you are taking in addition to weekly allergy shots. Some of the side effects that I've noticed are frequent temper tantrums, addiction to video games, a know it all attitude and a very superficial dislike for girls. Hopefully this helps.


I am so terribly boring. I have nothing in my house that is a prescription and only some left over winter cold medicine and tylenol in the over the counter variety. however my mother could stock a pharmacy and give you advice on every drug available especially allergy meds.

I hope you keep feeling better.


DrG, thank you very much, that helps immensely. There is hope for you, however. The dislike of girls will go away by the 6th grade. Unfortunately it will be replaced by an intense LIKE of girls, and uh... the other three symptoms will likely hang around for years to come.
(except for the tantrums. hmmm,you want I should send Vito and Vinny out there to deal with them? they haven't yet been caught by the DCF...) (g)


Sorry, I don't suffer, so I can't provide any help. My dad was a doctor though, so in my professional opinion, I would recommend continuing with the samples to see if your body adjusts.



Old Horsetail Snake

I have no help for you. I am just waiting for the day they tell me the side effects of chocolate.


I haven't... but I wanted to offer my sympathy to ya. The Coffeehusband has sinuses that do NOT like living in the southern portion of our USA. When/if we get to Florida or Alabama as we are hoping we do actually wonder what he'll do about that.

I'll just keep watching your experience with the meds and use that as trial and error for future reference! LOL.


update... I forgot to take both the nasonex and the allegra for the past day or so. I'm bad enough about remembering to take vitamins, and i'm just not that into pills. My sinues have responded angrily and with a venegance.
I went back on the meds this morning. stay tuned!

Maine, thanks for the tip, i'll check it out.

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