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August 12, 2005


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Tragic. As citizens, we must band together to end the carnage. Sunflowers and other dangerous fauna should not be allowed in our cities. We know they're just ticking time bombs, waiting to attack some innocent child or housepet.

Some would argue it's not the flower, it's the gardener - that in the hands of a responsible gardener, a sunflower can be a gentle, docile family plant. Sadly, all too often sunflowers are planted for all the wrong reasons, and never controlled by their gardeners, and the result is a story like this one - an innocent house pet mauled by a savage plant.

It's time for action. No sunflower is a safe sunflower. We need to ban them, and make laws holding sunflower owners responsible for the actions of their plants.


YES! exactly! finally, somebody GETS it!!

you will understand now, why I had to go out there with an ax and hold the children back...


OK, maybe it's the angle of the photo, but that cat looks HUGE! Great pic though. Very cute!


Aaww, poor wittle kittycat. Knocked out by a sunflower. What a way to spend the morning....


Yikes!!! I'll take my chances with the flowers. As Interstellar Lass noted, if that cat stands up it has to be taller than the fence ...keep it well fed and in good humor.

Did I see this as a black and white movie, at a drive-in theater, in the '60s ???? ... like I ever watched the movie. ;o)


Great perspective. giggle


Poor pussy..
that didn't sound right.
Poor kitty...

Must be the day for cat posts ;)


All I can do is smile!


I know! Sick the heron on it!


I won't call him huge, cuz I've got one about his size! No big sunflowers though...geez. That looks like a mutant!


LOL! He is a big cat, but at this angle, he looks even bigger. I was lying on my stomach on the ground when I took this picture. He likes to lay out in the sun like that, spread out on his back with his big belly hanging over the sides. I liked the way the sunflower looked as if it was coming after him.
Actually took the picture with my old camera this past spring, when my garden was up and running. the sunflowers are long gone! :(
guess it's time to replant.


The fluffy kitty looks like it's having a great time in the summer sun! Maybe a little too woozy to notice the giant sunflower 'stalking him'? That was a really bad pun. Sorry. :-)

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