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August 10, 2005


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Ceratinly a "must do". It's so easy to record and back-up vital records, pictures and inventories; store them on DVD and keep them off site at a trusted relative or friends house.

Thanx for sharing, Laura.


I too keep all my photos on a cd in a fire safe in the house. The safe isn't even locked, it's just there so that birth certificates and photos and such won't burn down.


I am in the process of scanning every single photo we have B.D. (before digital), so that I can make cd's to store in our fire-proof box. I am too sentimental to lose any of my photos!

oOld Horsetail Snake

Boy I'd like a good fire. You should see all the stuff I don't have that I WILL have when the insurance company asks....


Thanks Laura. May well come in handy.


I did this last year. I will be updating though.


That is excellent advice. Thanks for sharing.


Great advice. Thanks!

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