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September 17, 2005


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Looks serene...


A little piece of heaven :) Nice shot.


That is one great photo.


Is he thinking how peaceful it is out there or wondering if there are any fish to be caught? or is he thinking wow tomorrow is my birthday? Bet he is thinking he finally got to get out on his beloved boat.

Florida Cracker

Dog thoughts...
"Why does the master hold the long stick? Throw it in the water and I will retrieve it"

"Just one more cast my furry butt...if he doesn't find an island with a tree pretty soon...

"I hope he brought the doggy dramamine..."


LOL FloridaCrackers! You're definetly in touch with your "inner dog!" He's actually very nervous on the boat, and shakes until a fish is caught. Then he gets so excited, he forges all his fears.

Mom, I'm assuming you weren't talking about Buddy. His birthday isn't until Oct 31 :)

Thanks Karen!

Poopie, yep. that's hub's idea of a great day, whether they catch the fish or not.

Steel, it's serene, till the line goes bzzzzz and all hell breaks loose!


He looks like he could use some help. I'd be more than happy to offer myself as the sacrificial lamb. ;-)

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