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September 20, 2005


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One of my dogs actually watches TV .... no reaction to the website though.


Heehee .. I just turned the volume up in my office, which is separated from the rest of the house by a solid door. Roxy is whining outside that door even as I type this. I love to torment that dog.

Old Horsetail Snake

I have a siesta franchise. You come in, lie down on one of my futons, and I hook you up to intravenous margaritas. Can rig up a feeding tube, too, in case you can't wait for your refried beans.


Funny! My dogs go nuts every time they hear barking on the TV. I'll have to torment them with this later.


It didn't work. My dog kind of hid behind my chair. He's about 10 years old and stuff doesn't affect him the same way anymore.

Jamie Dawn

How fun! Makes a dog's ears perk up!


Some of us don't follow directions well. I left the cat in my lap.
Big mistake. Well- playing catch-up over here has been great fun! Sombreros in Grand Rapids, not so sure. Ann Arbor- sure.
I like your claymation veggies- "Like yams to the slaughter."
Oh dear. And then there's Hoss and his siesta franchise...
Me? I will be within a stone's throw of you in 10 days- perhaps we need a mini blogger convention with margaritas. Cheers!


Believe it or not, Eclipse is on my lap right now - so I will have to wait till later to check your link.


I'm having a lot of fun with that link.
I clicked on it a little while ago to see what reaction it would have on my Beast Cat.
He ran all the way across the house to get away.

A few minutes later another one of our cats came striding through the room. I clicked on the link again and waited.. but he just froze and looked concerned. *sigh*
Here comes my kid, i'm going to try it out on her.

dammm, now she wants the computer. I should have known better.


My cat almost choked on her dinner when I opened this. LOL

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