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September 26, 2005


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Watching that just breaks my heart, and in syaing that I'm not putting any less emphasis on human life. I'd like to have seen ALL evacuated. I remember the woman who helped load up survivors, but when her turn came they told her she had to leave her elderly dog behind. She said she couldn't do it because she knew it would die.

If faced with that kind of choice, sitting here right now I think I would stay with my animal. I just don't have it in me to abandon a pet who has given me unconditional love and more loyalty than most any human friend.


I watched the movie with tears in my eyes!


Can't watch the movie cos I only have dial up :-/ I would hate to have to leave all my pets - I love them so much. I didn't realise nursing home patients were left behind.


Pets cannot take care of themselves; they're OUR responsibility. My father NEVER let us eat OUR dinner until all the critters ate; dogs, cats, horses, whatever.
"They can't feed themselves. Go feed your dog."
I love my Cheri with all my heart, but there is one thing she doesn't understand; animals. "People won't leave with out their dog? They're just animals."
She doesn't understand. She has no idea. She wasn't with me when the only friend I had was my dog. When the only one who would let me hold them, who would lick away my tears, who loved me unconditionally was my pet...
Sorry; didn't mean to hijack your blog.
Luv ya!


You didn't hijack it at all, Steel.

Dogs have an innate ability to forgive, unlike many people, who would have sued had they been left behind.

My main concern is those people who stay home and put themselves in harms way because they won't leave without their pets. If a hurricane takes your life and not your pets, then what good is that going to do? You're dead, your pet is left wondering what happened.

The best thing to do is plan ahead and get out of town.
There is a huge need for shelters that will accept pets. I was thinking of the many large buildings at the Univ. of Florida, as it's midway in the center of Fla and a good stopping point. I also thought about courthouses and churches as another source.

on and on... time to brainstorm.


What a poignant video!


True Laura. You cannot put, say, your child's life in danger to stay with your pet. No argument there. :)
Proper planning is the key to SO many things.


Steel, you're right about that. I should add that with these hurricanes, it can be hard to plan in advance beause they can change categories so fast.

Charlie, for example, wasn't expected to be a big powerhouse until it changed to a cat 4 in a matter of hours. At first it was slated to come here (Tampa bay) as a Cat 2, and so most of my neighbors were not boarded up. Since we're not directly on the water, many people in my neighborhood didn't take it seriously. Then they said it was up to a 4 and people began coming out of their houses to talk and worry. Others began frantically putting up the boards on their windows. Then it changed again, and went to Punta Gorda, which is about 2 hours south of me.
Our power went out not too long after that, and we were still hoping it was staying on course.
Not knowing what these things are going to do can make it an exhausting event to plan for.

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