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September 30, 2005


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Jamie Dawn

I'm with you on Maui all the way!
My last dinner out was a Chinese Buffet. Funny thing is that they have blackberry cobbler there, and I love it!


I'd opt for Colorado! Or somewhere with mountains.

I love just sitting down, taking off my shoes and vegging for about half an hour each night.


Those first three answers of yours had me thinking perhaps we were twins, separated at birth. But then you got to the eggplant....:-) But I'll eat salad with you any time.

Old Horsetail Snake

~Vitaman Sea~ makes no sense. Vitamin B I could believe.

Eggplant is one of the most interesting flowers on earth. Purple on the outside, white on the inside. Yummy in the tummy.


This is terrific - with you on all points including yanking off the bra (no, not mine silly!) :)


No no no no no no! Maui is nice, but not for WINTER! You have to go where there is snow, and skiing, and fireplaces, and where it FEELS like winter. :p

I love eggplant! Hope your Olive Gardens are better than ours...


I love eggplant!@ as for Olive Garden, I could take it or leave it. The type of meal you get depends on the cook they've hired for the day. lol

Samantha wanted to go there for her birthday... she and her girlfriends go there every so often for dinner. I suspect the real reason is because of the waiters. It can't be the food, the only thing they order is regular spaghetti. they do like the garlic sticks tho. can't blame 'em on that one.

Ok, in the dream world, I'll go anywhere in the winter that there's a roaring fire and snow skiing as long as I can fly out of there to freedom before cabin fever sets in!


I LOVE the part about yanking off the bra! That's a very excellent feeling. I look forward to that all day long! Good one!!!


Yes, Laura- t'was you I tagged! Getting to know you, tra-la!


Ooops , I'm late to the party.

APP - Cared
SOUP - Hot Tub, Cutty Sark and football game - TV on the patio.
SALAD - Bitter End, Virgin Gorda (on the boat)
MAIN - Kyoto, Japanese Steak House
DESSERT - "PRN", Pro Re Nata ( as required); done deal. ;)

This was fun!


With you on the bra!! First thing I do at the end of a day.

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