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September 08, 2005


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Best of luck to your Dad for his surgery. I will have him in my thoughts tommorrow.

Your windshield wiper story is hilarious. All of that was a stinkin' set of wiper blades. Now I know why I haven't changed mine in the 5 years that I've owned my car - and in a rainy climate!

I want to see the weiner dogs from the weiner dog farm. And I can relate to the cow boredom. I get that when I drive over to Idaho to visit my father.

Good luck to you and your father tomorrow!


Good luck and prayers for your dad.
Your background is purplish on all three different monitors / computers that I use, too...


I had a friend call w/ the same problem years ago. You can get by using Rainex until it's a better time to repair the wiper issue - blades, motor, etc. The windshield stays reasonably clear w/o wipers. She was impressed how well it worked and called later. Oil change depots will change blades, too.

Your background is light blue on every computer I've used - 5.

And, most importantly, sending blessing to your dad and the family. Take care.


My car uses one size for the driver side and a different size for the passenger side. That's why the things are sold by ones.
Whenever I get the maintenance, which is done at Car-X with real mechanics, I ask 'em to make sure the wipers are good. And I use Rainex at least twice per summer. It's hard to apply it during cold weather.
However, your situation, while not funny at the time, is hilarious in your writing about it.
Sending good vibes for your dad and surgery.


Good healing thoughts for your dad!

I think you are on to something here - a full service service station - what a concept! :)


Many prayers and good thoughts for your dad. They farm Dachshunds now? LOL.


I tried dachsund farming for a while, but I failed at it. Turns out I was planting them too deep.

I'm just so glad you didn't hit any panthers this time ...

And best wishes to your Dad ...


Hope things go well for you Dad...My mom had that surgery and did great with it. Windshield wipers are something I've never been able to master. I always beg the guys at AutoZone to do it for me!

Old Horsetail Snake

"I told him it looked like a wiper blade." Oooooh, a bon mot. You're sharp, kid. Very funny post. (Fun for us, not you.) Good luck to Dadster.


I'll definitely say a prayer for your dad. That surgery has come such a long way and is such a good fix. And on the windshield wiper deal- that's just ridiculous that it's that complicated.
You're still a lovely pale blue on my computer- but then I taught it to "just say no" a year or so.

Jamie Dawn

Best wishes to your funny dad and I hope you post about a very successful procedure.
So, you're buying a horse, huh? How do you plan on carrying groceries on a horse?
Funny post. Wipers... what a hassle!


Hey, MY dad (77)had carotid surgery last year in Jacksonville and it went swimmingly. A 75% blockage reduced to almost nothing. Take heart, the recovery seemed short and smooth. Best Wishes...


I have never, ever, ever been able to replace my own wiper blades. There's some weird trick to it that they won't teach us non-car people. I fumbled with mine for over 30 minutes while sitting under a gas station awning while rain and thunder went off all around me. I finally got the one on my driver's side fixed and drove off. I think I cut my finger too. P*ssed me off!

Best of wishes for your dad's surgery.

You're kind of a periwinkle blue on my computer.


Hope the surgery goes well tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

On my computer your color is a really lovely lavender-ish tone. I like it.

Windshield wipers and self service stations - horrid. I used to have a station that offered full service, self-servie, or this great offer - mini service, where they pumped the gas and wiped the windshield for a price between full and self.

I always buy the wipers, take them to work if my hubby's not around and then proceed to shame all feminists by batting my eyes and looking helpless until some man puts them on for me in the parking lot. I know, I'm pitiful.........but it works. :)


Good luck with the surgery, I'll keep good thoughts for you all.


Thank you all.. the surgery went really well and my dad is back on track again. Heading home tomorrow.


Glad to hear your dad is okay. :)

And your background is something like a light lavender on my monitor.


I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. Have a safe trip home.


Mornin' Laura - safe home! :)

joe cool cowboy poet

Good morning Laura. Sounds like things are alright in your neck of the woods aside from a wee bit of wiper action. The color here looks light blue to me....

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