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September 06, 2005


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When I was in Florida and Alabama I tried the Mexican. Not good, folks. Really not good. But the seafood -- wow! Incredible. I had grouper three times (once in Perdido Key, twice in Gulf Shores), and every one of them was outstanding.

I know a few people I'd like to show the black lungs to. Any pics?

Go Motorola! Yep, I'm a fan. I love my V330 :)


Good thought; what if each athlete donated just 5 or 10% of their salary?


Ha! Just you writing about it made me yawn so I figured I'd return the gift! 8)

We haven't seen the exhibition, but friends who have seen it are giving it "thumbs up", weird but thumbs up!


Dropping down supplies reminds me of the movie AIR AMERICA starring Mel Gibson. It is available on dvd at Amazon, but rent it first.

I've looked at too many medical textbooks to really want to see a bigger display of anatomy. Maybe if the exhibit comes nearby, I'll go see it just cuz you say so.

I did love one Halloween when the local historical society brought in an old coroner's wagon and had the tools of the mortician trade. The set-up fit in for spookiness for my sons.

Old Horsetail Snake

I too have been wondering about whether the Postal Service has geared up to handle all the address change requests. A mess of Leviathan proportion.

Also, I haven't seen lots of action by sports figures, contribution-wise. Give it up, guys.


FTS, cameras were banned from the exhibition. blast it. They knew all the bl**gers would overrun the building, taking picts for their sites. (g)

Seamus.. see, i knew you wore those dark glasses for a reason. HA! LOL

Steel, yep.. and half the time, it's an inflated salary anyway. I saw we make these athletes feel real guilty about their millions. For that matter, Oprah, where are you???

Mrs DOF, I'll look for Air America, haven't seen it yet. I hope your sons learned to keep their rooms clean after seeing that coroner's exhibit.
er, perhaps I revealed too much of my child rearing philosphy in that one sentence....


I saw Stomp on stage and it was terrific! I'd love to see the Imax version of it.

Test the guy in the rear-view mirror by picking your nose.....LOL!


I'm with you on the athletes...they make wayyyyyy too much. But then so do movie and recording stars.


Wow. You're keeping busy! I've wanted to see that exhibit. I've been hearing about it for years!


M & Ms from planes - excellent idea. My mood would surely perk up if candy fell on my head.

The exhibit you went to sounds yukky. We have one near us that is called "Grossology" - apparently you could walk through a booger infested nose if you wanted to. No, we are not going!

And yes, I hate the staring in the review thing. Makes me paranoid and vain - all in one shot!


OMG, I'm getting hungry from reading this blog. Mexican is my favorite food. Yum yum

Jamie Dawn

That bodies exhibit must be extraordinary. Talk about a great anatomy lab!
All that talk about food made me hungry.
I'm addicted to Dove's dark chocolate. I buy the small pieces, individually wrapped, and allow myself three per day. It's my guilty pleasure.

Florida Cracker

Yes to overpaid athletes chipping in!
If the kids at our school can mount a loose change drive to help Katrina Victims, a bunch of overpaid game players should be able to shake loose some cash.

And yes, we count on our dark sunglasses to mask what our eyes are doing. We're bad, we're reptiles, we are incorrigible...


You mean you've missed Oprah?

Oprah's Angel Network tossed in $dollar$ many.

There's a whole list of stars down South, carrying boxes, using personal boats to pick up folks from balconies, etc.
It may be a photo op, it may be sincere...?


Mrs DOF, thanks for the Oprah link. I figured she would be around sooner or later, just hadn't yet seen her on the news. I've seen Paul Simon and Harry Connick jr out there, however.
Kenju, that was disgusting. you are hilarious, LOL!

Fl Crackers, LOL.. an incorrigible reptile? that's a new one. sounds like a Gator to me.

Jamie, it really was just so interesting to see, very educational. It Didn't make me want to give up chocolate, however.

Tine, i'm really into mexican food, or just about any dish that includes melted cheese!

Idgie, booger infested noses? i'd skip it too, lol. let your hub take your sons to that one!


LOL about yawning at the mirror starers. Funny! I'm going to try it sometime. :)

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