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September 02, 2005


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Amen, sista...amen.


Ignorance prevails, and rears its ugly head once again in the face of tragedy. It's easy for the people you speak of to sit in the comfort of their own little world and wonder why people would live somewhere that isn't perfect. Perhaps they will awaken from their fantasy world some day.

Then again...

I think these are excellent points you bring up here. We all have our own geographic and meterological oddities to deal with. I live in an area where it's hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk and is part of Tornado Alley. People in the north deal with 60 inches of snow and weather cold enough to freeze fingers and toes off. People in California rock and roll to the rythymn of earthquakes.

So, do we all just pack up and move to Hawaii? No! A volcano could erupt at any time.

Paradise doesn't exist on earth, folks.

Florida Cracker

Yes!Yes! Well said. If you choose to live in the H zone, you better have a plan. We have to take responsibility for our own survival.
At this time, based on news reports, it seems like this is a "southern" disaster instead of a national one. Shelters are being set up in neighboring southern states, nurses are being sent in from southern states, national guard troops are being sent in from nearby southern states. Most of these states still have to get through the worst part of hurricane season (September) and may need these resources themselves. We still have people in temp housing from LAST year's canes.
I hope this is just an incorrect perception, but I keep waiting to hear a newscaster say that refugees are going to someplace other than still hurricane prone southern states, or that guardsmen from (pick a northern state) are flowing in. I want to be wrong on this...I really do.


I am appalled at the blatant ignorance and bigotry of the (dare I say) people who are spewing this vitriol. I suppose these are the very same who believe that the "girl deserved to be raped because of the clothes she was wearing"!
Laura - your points about the good folks who live in these areas is "spot on" in my book. I hope that you don't mind if I forward this on to as many people as I can. Hopefully you will grace the magnets of a lot of refrigerators and perhaps get some folks thinking. :) Also, would you mind if I re-posted this on the DD? :)
I just love being amongst like minded folk!!


You about covered it all g'friend! I want to come live with YOU :)


One politician, I do not remember his name, said "These people are not refugees, they are American citizens and deserve to be treated as such.


This was one of the most brilliant posts I've read on this disaster ANYWHERE. I'm in awe ... and (knowing you'll say "yes"), I'm going to post it on my blog, too. These words need to be seen by as many people as possible - even those of us who do not choose to live there ...


Oh, and an addendum to the Memo to the Bush Administration: "Folks, we have reliable reports that Osama Bin Laden is somewhere in New Orleans!"

There. We can now expect a full military presence within hours.

You're welcome, New Orleans.

Old Horsetail Snake

Well spoke, Laura. Very well.


By all means, pass it on! Just keep in mind thatI made a few mistakes with sentence structure here and there. (cringe). lol

and Nils, about the Osama Bin Laden presence: Exactly. point taken. yep, yep.


Bravo! I have linked to this in a couple places (MrsDoF is a big fan of yours)

Sadly, it is unlikely that Osama's presence in NOLA would bring government assistant. They have not been looking for him all that hard.


Seeing school buses in parking lots underwater, which were at the mayor's disposal is sickening. Knowing the governor was begged to declare martial law immediately and didn't is disheartening. I am a native of this land and I know that after a bit of time a perspective will come about that will prove, once again, that some can only piss and moan without constructive suggestions. None of the politicians caused the hurricane. Mistakes were made, yes, at all levels of government. The intensity of the storm was known for days. Good post.


Good points - all of them. I can't believe that some people are so ignorant that they believe some of those things.

I think that we should all take a lesson from this and make sure that we all - no matter WHERE we live - have a disaster preparedness kit, including lots and lots of water, meds, blankets, food, clothing, batteries, etc. because a disaster can strike anywhere at anytime and we can't count on getting any help soon.


Knowing, as you so well know, how I react to errors in sentence structure and spelling (oh, Laura, when will you ever learn the it's/its rules?), you can take my word for it: there is not a word I would change (OK, the spelling of yada - some would spell it as yadda - but since it's (IT IS) not a real word, its (YES) spelling is not defined). So stop deflecting and cringing - this was, in a word, brilliant. So says I, and whose (YES, not who's) opinion is more valid?


Great post Laura.
Sin? Choose to live there? Got what they deserved?
And my son asks me why I like the dog more than I like some people...


Poopie girl, you get your butt down to Florida and you can stay here anytime! by the way, if one comes here, we uh, just might head up to see you too.. (g)

Florida Cracker, you raise a good point, one which I hadn't even thought about before. We have many communities in Florida that are still recovering from last years hurricanes and flooding. Can we take care of even more people?
Locally, the News does show a lot of the refugees heading to Georgia and northern Forida, but that could be based on the fact that they're reporting things of local interest only. It would be interesting to see if Katrina vicitms are also relocating temporairly to Missouri, Kansas, Texas and other states.

Seamus, the day I make it to refrigerator magnet status, I will be FAMOUS!!! (g)

Hoss, read above comment. Hoss O, Laura 2

FTS.. Hawaii is my fantasy trip.... arrrgh. no volcanos while I'm there!

DecriptOldFool, thank you very much for the linkage! by the way, that is the best nickname on the internet.
man, that just cracks me up.LOL

Karen, thank you too. I'm hoping change will come about in more positive ways where diaster preparations are concerned. If not, we need to speak up.

Steel, Dogs rule, bro. Dogs rule. (except when a very Fat Cat is involved).

Schnoodle, you're right, having a preparedness kit brings some peace of mind too.

And Nils.. LOL, now where are my it/it's mistakes? I just went over this post and can't find any at all.

I KNOW the it/it's rules, so that had to be a typo. arrrgh! either that or you're messing with my head and for that you shall pay dearly. :))


What gets me is the fact some people are so caught up in blaming Bush etc they cannot see the reality.


Great post! The repercussions from this disaster have yet to be felt. It's not just the gas, but the food and supplies that are taken for granted to be on our shelves, in every store, 24 hours a day.
So often we learn from our mistakes, but this is one that is much too costly for our nation. I pray our children will learn from this living history and not repeat it.


well said - I don't live in America, so won't even try to comment - it's not my place :)


Moi? Mess with your head ....? Nahhh. (g)

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